Comer S80 - as per '08 Rules

The AKA has issued a statement regarding the Comer engine in the Midget class. It will be interesting to see what sort of impact this has on (a) the number of entries in the class, particularly at the beginning of the year at meetings such as Junior Top Guns, and (b) whether there is much of a swing in engine choice (Comer S80, Comer SW80 or Yamaha KT100J) compared to last season.

AKA statement

There seems to be some confusion within the Karting community over COMER.

As part of the National Karting Council teleconference held 8th January 2008, discussion was held regarding COMER and we now clarify for you that the implementation of changes for the COMER remains at 1st January 2008 as voted on by the National Karting Council in 2007.

Yours in Karting,
AKA Executive