Geelong Track Times & Track Improvements

Victorian karter Luke Fong will hit the internet airwaves tonight with tunes and karting news.

"I've been playing around with my mixing software and decided to do it" Fong said. "I'm still experimenting with the server at the moment (which is in the UK), so if it's a bit slow, just bear with it for the time being."

The show kicks off at 9pm Australian Eastern Daylight Savings time. Depending on how many listeners the show gets, it could become a regular thing.

To tune in, open your favourite media player that can play webstreams.

In Windows media player - click file, then open URL, then open this link in it -

For those of you using iTunes - click Advanced and Open Stream, then use the link as above.

For Winamp push Add then Add URL. Again, use the link above.