CIK Update

The AKA and International Karting Committee have distributed a press release detailing some estimated costs and how to go about competing in the 2008 CIK Championship Series. (The costs have already been published here on KartSportNews, back on Jan 2. Note that the cost to compete will depend on what each team will actually charge) .

Importantly, there is no requirement for drivers to commit to the entire series. While teams need to make a commitment, they are free to engage drivers exclusively, or take them on a race-by-race basis. This will allow drivers who might just want to sample CIK, or those who might not have budget to compete in all rounds, to at least get a start.

AKA press release


As announced by the Australian Karting Association during 2007, the Australian CIK Championship will return to Australian circuits during 2008 while using a controlled formula in KF2 (formerly Intercontinental A) trim across a five round series.

The series, to be run by the International Karting Council (IKC), will see teams lease two IAME Parilla 125cc Reedster engines for their two drivers. There will also be a number of ‘spare’ engines should an engine failure occur.

Each round of the 2008 championship will consist of two days only – no more getting to the circuit a week earlier to complete testing. Across these two days there will be practice, qualifying, three heats and two finals.

It is estimated by the IKC the cost of this to compete in the five rounds will be less than $9,000 or $1,800 per round. This does not include travel and accommodation as this will vary significantly for each individual

This estimate is based on:
Engine lease - $3,000
This includes maintenance. Repairs are at the competitors expense
Tyres: $3,575
2sets x 5 rounds + 1 extra set for round 1 = 11 plus two sets of wets = total of 13 sets at $275 each
Entries: $1,250
$250 x 5
Fuel: $750
$125 x 6 (Fuel to be used will be parc ferme issued at all times including non official practice)
Oil: $150
$25 x 6
Spark Plug (available from Service Manager): $90
$15 X 6

Total: $8,265

If you’ve heard CIK racing in the past cost that much per round, that’s right and that’s the major reason this controlled formula has been introduced. It also offers a level playing field and largely stops those with unlimited funds getting an advantage because the AKA owned engines can’t be used for testing and the tyres are not imported into Australia, with the exception of those used in the Championship.

The best news of all, drivers are guaranteed a start at every round. The format is for 16 teams of two karts at all rounds plus overseas wildcard entries at Dubbo, Newcastle and Ipswich where the track density allows 40 karts. There’s no pre-qualifying or lap time restrictions. If you are nominated and turn up, you practice, qualify and race.

There is not a requirement to sign with a team for all five rounds. Many of the teams may have one driver competing for the championship and one seat that might be available for one, two, three, four or five drives. That could accommodate some budgets or some drivers who want to get a taste for CIK but not for a full season.

To compete, drivers must have, or be eligible for, an A grade Provisional via R13.18.3 or an AKA A or International B or New Zealand A grade licence.

Interested drivers are invited to prepare a brief resume and send it to the IKC or to the teams who have expressed interest in the series.

April 5/6 - Newcastle, NSW
May 3/4 - Ipswich, Qld
June 14/15 - Dubbo, NSW
Sep 13/14 - Bolivar, SA (subject to ratification)
Oct 18/19 - Toowoomba, Qld

For further information please contact the IKC members below
John McCleverty -
Gary Light -
Ian Black -