Terms & Conditions - National Rotax Rankings

Effective 1st February, 2008

The intention of the NRR is to provide a meaningful Australia wide ranking of Rotax drivers in Australia. Rankings will be administered for Formula Rotax Light, Formula Rotax Heavy and Formula JMA (Juniors).  IKD may also publish a list of Over 35 rankings based on results from within the Formula Rotax Light and Formula Rotax Heavy ranking, this will not be separate race events just a sub list within the published rankings. Points will be earned towards the relevant NRR from eligible ROTAX MOJO CHALLENGE (RMC) race meetings as declared/sanctioned by IKD.

IKD reserves the right to modify any rules and conditions of the NRR as they deem fit in the interests of fairness and upholding the original intention of the NRR

Eligible Race Meetings
Race meetings that are eligible for points in the NRR will be declared/sanctioned by IKD and deemed by IKD as RMC events. IKD is free to add or remove meetings as required for whatever reason they deem fit without notice.

After 1st March, 2008 the class must run as a stand-alone Rotax class with MOJO D2 tyres.

IKD will approve some race meetings before 1st March, 2008 as eligible even though they will be on the current Bridgestone tyre.

IKD will endevour to have a minimum of about 8-12 meetings in each state classified as RMC events wherever possible.

Each state may have a different number of eligible race meetings according to willingness of clubs to be involved in the program and individual state differences.

Meeting Classification
Race meetings will be classified according to the following criteria:-

Level 1          Rotax Australian Championship or other meeting deemed by IKD to be of similar status
Level 2          State Open Sprint Championship or other meeting deemed by IKD to be of similar status
Level 3          Other type of meeting with 6 or more entries in the class

  • Junior Max will be a support class at the 2008 Rotax Australian Championships and will be awarded Level 1 points at that event.
  • If Junior Max is a support class at any State Open Sprint Championship it will be awarded Level 2 points
  • Endurance races may be included in which case all drivers from within any given team will receive the points. Example, if it is a level 3 event all drivers in the winning team will get 50 points (before multiplying by number of entries).
  • Any Senior event with less than 6 entries will not be eligible to receive points
  • Junior events eligible to receive points regardless of the number of entries for 2008

Points will be allocated on the following basis:-

Place            Level 1            Level 2         Level 3
1st                    100                  80                    50
2nd                   90                    72                    45
3rd                    80                    64                    40
4th                    70                    56                    35
5th                    60                    48                    30
6th                    50                    40                    25
7th                    40                    32                    20
8th                    30                    24                    15
9th                    20                    16                    10
10th                  10                    8                      5

Points will be multiplied by the number of entries in a class. For example, if a competitor comes 4th at a Level 1 event with 22 entries he will receive 1540 points.

Life of Points
Points remain valid for 2 years from the month in which they are earned. Example if points are earned on March 16th 2008, they will remain in the system until March 31st 2010.

Maximum Number of Meetings
A competitor can compete in as many meetings as they like however only their 6 highest point scores will be classified in 2008.

After 1st January, 2009 it is envisaged that the number of point scoring rounds for classification will increase to 8 to improve the accuracy of the ranking system once more results are in the system

Club Obligations
The promoting club must fill in the NRR Reporting Form and forward it to IKD within 7 days of the meeting being completed. IKD will not be responsible for the following up with clubs who have not reported the results. IKD will not accept NRR Reporting Forms that are not legible to ensure the integrity of the ranking system. If the results of the meeting are under appeal, this should be indicated on the NRR Reporting Form and the club is required to send the official results once the appeal process has been finalized.

Competitor Obligations
Each competitor should remind the club when entering a sanctioned event that the Club must forward the results of the meeting to IKD.

Tied Points
In the event of a tie in points, the winner will be determined by the person who has the highest result at a Level 1 event. If still tied, it will be determined by the highest result at a Level 2 event and so on down to Level 3. If still a tie, then it will be decided by the person who has competed in the most number of RMC events. If still a tie it will be decided by toss of a coin.

Right of Appeal
IKD will make every effort to ensure the tabulated results are correct. If anybody feels that we may have made an error they are required to put a written letter to IKD requesting that we double check a result. Full details must be given by the person making the appeal including event date, name, track and details of the appeal.
If IKD run any prize or promotion with a date cut-off, any party will have 7 days from the date of ranking publication to appeal the ranking that has been published. Any appeal made after 7 days will still be considered by IKD to keep the ranking system as accurate as possible but the prize winners will remain as originally announced. For example, if IKD are taking top 2 ranked drivers to a World Final as at a particular date in October. Soon after that date the winners will be announced and will be subject to appeal for 7 days only from the date of the announcement.

Events under appeal
If an event is under appeal, the points from that event cannot be tabulated until the appeal is finalized and the official results are published. The organizing club must then forward the official results to IKD for inclusion.
If IKD run any prize or promotion with a date cut-off, any events under appeal at the cut-off date cannot be included in the prize consideration even though the points may be included at a later date. For example, if IKD are taking top 2 ranked drivers to a World Final as at a particular date in October. On that date, an event is under appeal so no points are entered for that event and the winners to the World Final are announced regardless. At a later date when the official results for that event are published and entered the winners to the World final will remain the names originally announced, even if the ranking has now changed based on the new results entered.

Over 35’s eligibility
Drivers will be eligible to be listed in the Over 35’s ranking from the date of their 35th birthday. Drivers must fax proof of age to IKD on (02) 4735 1065 so that IKD can mark them as an Over 35 driver. To clarify, the highest ranked Over 35 driver in Formula Rotax Light and Formula Rotax Heavy will be ranked number one in their respective Over 35 section and so on.




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