Kart Sim Getting Closer - Demo Shots Released

Having announcing KartSim in November 2006, Melbourne based developers Maschine Simulations Pty Ltd have now released in-game screenshots. The images showcase the Oakleigh Go-Kart Racing Club's circuit in Melbourne that will feature in the soon-to-be-released demo.

In addition to revealing what can be expected visually from KartSim, the new screens are the first to demonstrate the capabilities of their new proprietary simulation engine dubbed 'Kaizen'.

kartsim game images - oakleigh
Above: The KartSim Oakleigh out-grid looks just like... the real Oakleigh out-grid!

In what will be a first for racing simulations, KartSim will present drivers with the very same challenges that face real world drivers and teams in real-time. "Through the inclusion of interoperable dynamic weather, environment and track modeling technology, drivers will be forced to adapt to the changing conditions produced by these systems" KartSim informed KartSportNews. " With each system being co-dependent and visually represented, other dynamic elements such as time of day, cloud cover, sun light, track temperature, air temperature / humidity and racing-line rubber / marble levels are all calculated and relayed to the physics and graphics engines for processing; thus effecting the kart's handling and lap times."

With the initial release to feature Australian circuits, Maschine Simulations have taken the unique approach of selecting circuits based upon the driving and visual experience offered and not on their prominence within the karting world; a decision that has led to little known kart tracks being included in the selection along with several world renowned circuits. As well as being the home track of one of the developers, the Oakleigh Go-Kart Racing Club is also known for its notorious bumps and undulations, high difficulty level and its tendency to generate many professional drivers.

"Placing emphasis on realistically recreating the atmosphere and experience of a real world kart meeting, KartSim looks set to change the way drivers have traditionally approached sim racing" KartSim said. "With drivers having to adapt to the changing wet and dry conditions, fluctuating rubber levels and the possibility of a downpour 30 seconds before the start of the race or qualifying,  it should make off and online racing much more exciting and immersive as well as making players keep an eye on those overhead clouds."

At this stage Maschine Simulations are keeping quiet on the release date of both the demo and full release.

More information can be found on their website www.KartSim.com and by signing up to their announcement list.


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