A Laydown HyperRacer?

HyperRacer is considering building a "Phillip Island Special" to contest the 125 Rotax Superkart National Championships to be held at Phillip Island later in the year.

When asked about the project, a representative at Hyper said: "The laydowns are impressive in a straight line and would have a massive advantage over conventional karts at a circuit like Phillip Island. Although the chassis specs comply with local rules, the bodywork will have to be modified slightly to meet our regulations, so if we go ahead with the project we will have a bit of work to do before the Nationals".

According to Hyper, they aren't the only ones looking to run laydowns at the Nationals. If this is the case, it would seem the world of Rotax Max superkarting is about to be turned on it's head.

More on the HyperRacer website HERE.

Above: A typical laydown kart, popular in America.


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