Begonia City Titles

The 2008 Begonia City Titles were run at Ballarat on the weekend, Feb 17th.

Being the first country Open on the VKA calendar, it was a great opportunity for drivers from all over Victoria to race in a friendly country environment. Class numbers were high, with several 2008 Victorian State Championship winning drivers coming to race, with various levels of success.

The feature class was Clubman Pro @150kg with prize money awarded to all podium positions.

Feature Class, Clubman Pro
1.. Franky Costanzo
2.. Dale Sinclair
3.. James True

1.. Jake Dixon
2.. Danny Carroll
3.. Damon Strongman

1.. Kyle Rethus
2.. Ricky Capo
3.. Nickolas Reissis

Junior National Light
1.. Jack Wynack
2.. Tyler McDonald
3.. Reece Wade

Junior National Heavy
1.. Chris Halesworth
2.. Tyler Cramer
3.. Clancy Purdie

Junior Clubman
1.. Garry Jacobson
2.. Jack Wynack
3.. Andrew Rae

Senior National Pro
1.. Andrew Smith
2.. Ash Sinclair
3.. Dominic Lostitch

Clubman Light
1.. Toby Pope
2.. Luke Fong
3.. Dominic Lostitch

Clubman Heavy
1.. Brad Decarli
2.. Brendan McGinniskin
3.. Amie Crump

Clubman Over 40s
1.. Leon Forrest
2.. Trevor Handley
3.. Ron Taylor

Clubman Super Heavy
1.. Trevor Attwood
2.. Andrew Hayes
3.. Billy Asquew

TAG 125 Light
1.. Bobby Bourke
2.. Clinton Purdie
3.. Carley Wells

TAG 125 Heavy
1.. Bobby Bourke
2.. Luc Price
3.. Andrew Marshall