NSW Leopard Series - Rnd 1

(More photos and results of the other classes will be posted later... watch the Daily News)

by Peter Galvin

The opening round of the NSW Toyota IAME Leopard Series, sponsored by Sargents Pies, was run at Lithgow on February 24th.

leopard drivers
Above: The Leopard Light drivers
pic - Cooper's Photography

Above: The Leopard Heavy drivers
pic - Cooper's Photography

The weather was perfect at Lithgow and all the work had been done behind the scenes to make this race day perfect as well. Everything was in place to start the NSW Saregetns Pies Leopard Series. All we needed was for the drivers to turn up and put on a show and that’s what they did - 18 of them in Lights and 19 in Heavies!

The feeling around the pits was that this race day would be big, there was photos on the grid and banners up around the track. Remo and his lovely wife Sabrina where on hand to give out shirts, take photos and give advice to all the competitors (I don't think Remo sat down all day).

Everyone was ready to race, and race is what they did....

First out it was the Heavy boys and girl!

  • Heat 1 Stein 1st, 2nd went to Galvin (Mallinson excluded on a weight penalty), 3rd Stauner, 4th Ian (the pie man) Allen and 5th was Baker.
  • Heat 2 Baker 1st, Stein 2nd, Galvin DNF with mechanical problems while running 3rd. Allen picking up 3rd, Stauner 4th, Mallinson 5th.
  • Heat 3 Baker 1st, Stein 2nd, Mallinson 3rd, White 4th, and Galvin 5th.
  • Final Stein and Baker get a great start. Galvin worked his way through the field from 8th to 3rd while Mallinson drove through as well to get to 4th from 10th place. Allen and White came together after about 3 laps at the end of the straight only to end up watching the rest of the race. Stauner pushed hard to finish in 5th.

Heavy: 1st Daniel Stein, 2nd Daniel Baker, 3rd Peter Galvin, 4th Ian Mallinson, 5th Craig Stauner

Then it was the fastest class of the meeting Leopard Light.

  • Heat 1 Phillips 1st, King 2nd, Marciano 3rd, Hryniuk 4th, Bunyan 5th. Not a bad drive from Bunyan he went back to 8th at one stage only to fight back.
  • Heat 2 Hrynuik 1st, Lindbom 2nd (great to see Kristian back in a kart). Tanti finished in 3rd, he battled hard for that 3rd, Phillips 4th and Bunyan 5th.
  • Heat 3 Phillips 1st, Lindbom 2nd, King 3rd, young David Whitmore looked real good in this race to finish in 4th place and Hrynuik 5th.
  • Final Phillips and Hrynuik had a few touches in the roll up laps! We all knew this would be a good race to watch. Phillips got the better off the start and Hrynuik hung in with him for a while but slowly Phillips pulled a slight gap. King was looking strong early but seemed to fade as the race went on. Lindbom was consistent as usual. Marciano, Whitmore and Hill battled away all the way to the end.

Light: 1st Thomas Phillips, 2nd Jason Hryniuk, 3rd Phil King, 4th Kristian Lindbom, 5th Dom Marciano.


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