TaG Super Series Commences This Weekend

Only days to go before the first round of the 2008 TaG Super Series gets underway at Wollongong!

Special Prizes have now been added for Super Heavy drivers for every round of the series. If your combined driver/kart weight is over 200kg you will be eligible.

Super Heavy drivers will enter & race as part of the Heavies but will receive prizes and recognition for their achievements throughout the series. TaG Australia are now in discussion with some additional sponsors and hope to announce a Series Prize for Super Heavy drivers soon.

Entry and free registration for the series can be done on the day. Remember you must register to be eligible for prizes and series points.

TaG Restricted drivers are reminded that the tyre for the class is MG Red. Restrictors are available from the state office. If you have any issues getting restrictors please contact tagaustralia.

All the details can be found on the Super Series page of www.tagaustralia.com.au HERE.

  • Round 1      Wollongong          9th March
  • Round 2      Oran Park              20th April
  • Round 3      Eastern Creek        21st June
  • Round 4      Lithgow                 26th July
  • Final Round - Round 5      Newcastle              31st August



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