Nationals To Boost Local Economy

AKA press release

The local economy is set to enjoy a boost as over 1000 visitors from all across Australia head to the Launceston region next weekend to begin their preparations for the 46th National Sprint Kart Championships sponsored by Yamaha at the Archerville Kartway over Easter

It is estimated the local ecomony stands to receive a boost in the vicinity of $550,000 from the championships as the racing drivers, mechanics, teams and associates begin arriving next weekend to gain valuable practice for the event beginning on Friday March 21.

With drivers as young as 12, and as old as 50, competing there will be a real family feel about the region with families converging on Launceston.

With almost 300 entries received across the 10 championship categories it is expected the event will be one of the largest of its type held in Australia throughout 2008. The racing will be action packed over the three days of the event as up to 30 drivers compete on the circuit at one time while reaching speeds in excess of 100km/h and within inches of each other.

“While there is a lot of focus on the younger drivers in the sport, karting is not just for children and teenagers who aspire to make a career in motorsport, there are many more benefits available by being involved in the sport,” said Australian Karting Association President Richard Erdmann.

“Karting is a sport you can be competitive in with a relatively small budget while still enjoying the thrill of Motorsport and is a legitimate ‘stand alone’ field of competitive motorsport.

“The sport offers you much more than just a chance to race a go-kart, it provides you with a lifestyle for you and your family along with the opportunity to make some great friendships.

“Generally you will find that each driver will have at least two, possibly up to four, family members, mechanics and supporters who will travel to the event with them, all of whom the local economy will benefit from. Highlighting this information is the fact that accommodation for the weekend in the Launceston region is at a premium with very few hotels not already booked out.”

The Southern Cross Archerville Kartway is one of the best in the country. It last hosted the National Championships in 2002.

Qualifying will be held on Friday March 21 with heat races to be contested on Saturday March 22 followed by the Championship Finals on Sunday March 23