Rotax Fats Update

from Nicholas Crawshay

Last round, Newcastle held a pretty decent race day with plenty of laps including Qualifying, 3 heats and a final. The day was pretty enjoyable though no surprises with newly expecting father Todd Davey dominating the weekend with consistent fast laps and a win in every heat.

Next race will be the sanctioned Rotax round offering points and prizes. This event will be at Lithgow on Sunday, 30th of March. It should be a great day including a 20 lap final offering a good chance to test out the new tyres in a quality field.

So far the response has been that the tyres offer less grip levels, though they seem to be easier to drive on with more consistent lap times and less stress on the body and kart.

Anyway, hope to see you up there and as always we are looking to have good fun race day.