Leopard Carby Rule Clarifications

The AKA National Technical Committee has published rule clarifications for the Tillotson carburettor used in the IAME Leopard classes.

45.18 Carburettor - CLARIFICATION

(1) The only permissible carburettor is the TILLOTSON MODEL HL-334A and
MODEL HL-334 AB. The parallel Carburettor Venturi bore must not exceed
23.25 mm at any point
. Carburettor manifold must be original IAME. It is
permissible to enlarge only existing fuel/air holes, but they may not be deleted or

(2) "B" Carburettor may be machined to "A" specs, however any machining of
the carburettor convergent entry cone and any blend radius is not
permitted to be machined past the front face of the dump tube. The dump
tube, whilst dimensionally free in terms of internal passages must be
retained and located in its supplied position. The ball and its retaining
plate must remain in place

(3) The progression discharge jet to remain in the "as cast area" this is the
transition area between the venturi and throttle bore. This area is machined
in both the HL334 A and HL334B.

(4) The throttle bore size has a maximum of 25.5 mm. No sleeving of the
throttle bore is permitted

(5) All dimensions shown in the drawing (on page 261 AKA Manual 2008) other than the
throttle bore and venturi bore as indicated above
are subject to R26.02
general tolerances.


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