AKA43 Airbox Update

AKA Qld today released a memo regarding the AKA43 Airbox that is now compulsory in a large number of AKA classes.

The memo reads that it "is a compulsory technical item from 2nd April, 2008 in all classes as outlined in rule 25.24 Part 1- Specific – it is also compulsory in all classes that are derived from the classes mentioned (E.g. Sportsman is a derivative of Clubman Specs and therefore the AKA43 is compulsory in that derivative class).

  • The RED rubber airbox mount with the filter is NOT eligible in competition
  • The BLACK rubber airbox mounting with the blue AKA43 Stamped filter is the only legitimate filter for bitumen sprint kart racing.
  • AKA Dirt Track and Speedway karting must use the BLACK rubber mounting with the yellow AKA43 stamped foam filter.
  • The previously supplied internal foam filter spring is not a compulsory item

An exchange program is in place for those who purchased a RED rubber mounting filter to obtain the BLACK one.

The full document can be viewed HERE.


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