Aurisch Wins Australian Speedway Grand Prix

press release

There was simply no better way for John Aurisch to debut as Australian Champion as he managed to romp to victory lane during the running of the Australian Speedway Kart Grand Prix at his home track of Gatton Speedway last weekend.

Aurisch went through the night undefeated in the Outlaws class with three heat wins and a comprehensive victory in the feature race and as one would expect he couldn’t be happier with the result. “There was quite a bit of pressure going into your first meeting with Australia # 1 on your Kart, as everyone from your rivals and people in the crowd, so you want to prove to people why you are that,” explained Aurisch.

“To come away from the Australian Grand Prix with a clean sweep of all my races is awesome, and heading into the meeting I wasn’t expecting such as result, but I’ll take it all the same.”

Since winning the Australian Title in the Outlaws class Aurisch has learnt a number of things and they certainly played a part in his Australian Grand Prix victory. “I have learned a lot about taking calculated risks, and know when to affect what pass, and I feel my win in the Australian Title made me realise that,’ he admitted. “During the Australian Grand Prix I felt confident with passing around the outside of my competitors, and now I’m more focused on the driving aspect, not just setup, as they need to work together.”

This Saturday night (April 26) Aurisch will make the trip down to Moruya Speedway, near Batemans Bay on the South Coast of NSW, to contend for the NSW Title in which he is hoping he can make it on the podium yet again, although he knows he is up for some tough competition.

Aurisch would like to say a special thank you to his family, wife Vicki and children Gavin and Connar, along with Tony, Diana, Anthony, Phillip, and Porky. In 2008 Aurisch is proudly supported by Ben from DKS Race Engines and Graham from Keats Racing.