Heslewood & Nelson take Budget Sporstman Challenge

Go Kart Results Greer Park Toowoomba, Sunday 20th April 2008

The Budget Used Cars Sportsman Challenge, which was also a round of the Harrington Dolyle 5 track Gladiator Series, saw 120 karters enjoy a hectic and exciting day of racing.

Sportsman Light was the largest field of the day with 22 karters, Greg Heslewood taking the spoils followed by Richard Dimmock and Sebastian Tolson. In Sportsman Heavy we saw 20 greet the starter with Brendan Nelson and James Greenwood dueling for the win, Nelson taking it ahead of Greenwood and Andrew Scott.

Midgets 1st  Maxim Erickson   2nd Lachlan McHugh  3rd Randy Morgan   
Rookies 1st Scott Hynes  2nd Mitchell Gee  3rd Nicholas Andrews
Jnr Evo L 1st Chris Farkas  2nd Sean Butcher  3rd Ethan O’Farrell 
Jnr Evo H 1st Brandon Esplin  2nd Tim Harris  3rd Oliver Etter 
Snr Evo L 1st Scott Manktelow
Jnr Sportsman 1st Christopher Hays 2nd Tyler Greenbury 3rd Stefan Borsato
Sportsman Lt 1st Greg Heslewood 2nd Richard Dimmock  3rd Sebastian Tolson
Sport. Over 40 1st Wayne Nipperess 2nd Gary Scott 3rd Neville Honeychurch
Sportsman Hvy 1st Brendan Nelson 2nd James Greenwood 3rd Andrew Scott
Sport.Sup Hvy 1st Richard Morgan 2nd Marcus Steele 3rd Eric Pekkala
Clubman H 1st Neville Klaric  2nd Rodger Korzeniewski  3rd Terry Sheedy
TAG L 1st Scott Burstow  2nd David Kenneally  3rd Andrew Hopper
TAG H 1st Shane Karandrews  2nd Gavin Clay  3rd Jiani Mazza
Restr.125 1st Josua Sihvola 2nd Greg Argles 3rd Graham Williams


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