Karting - A Family Affair For The Plumbs

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Karting is a sport which can be enjoyed by the entire family while also ensuring that youngsters learn some valuable driving skills, well before they are old enough to obtain their road licence.

One family that is heavily involved in the sport is the Plumb family from the Brisbane suburb of Forest Lake.

For the past two years the Plumb family has travelled to various parts of Queensland and New South Wales as the brother and sister combination of 11-year-old Brock and 10-year-old Miranda have competed on the kart track.

Above: Brock Plumb is joined on the kart track by his younger sister Miranda
Pic: photowagon.com.au

“Some people join different sporting or community clubs but our hobby is kart racing and it is a great thing for all of us,” said the pair’s Mother, Charmaine. “I think the kids get a lot out of the sport, both on and off the race rack.

“While I do get a little nervous when they are racing I am sometimes in complete amazement of the skills they have got behind the wheel at such a young age. Off the track they are both able to freely interact with people of all ages and conduct themselves well when speaking in front of an audience during presentations.

“On the track all the kids try their best and aim to win but once their helmets are off it’s time for them all to have fun, they’re all friends and enjoy each others company – it’s great.”

Brock and Miranda, who attend Ipswich Grammar, are third generation racers as their father Glen is a former Queensland Champion and their Grandfather Russell is also an ex-racer.

“Karting is a sport that has been very good to me and after a ten year break during the nineties I’m happy to be back involved,” said Glen.

“We spend a lot of time together as a family, to us a family holiday is going away racing together. We meet a lot of people from all parts of Australia who have common interests.”

This weekend the Plumbs will join many families in Lismore as many of Australia’s top young karting stars will be heading to the region to contest the 2008 Young Guns Titles presented by KAOS Karting. It is here where it is the junior competitors ‘time to shine’ with drivers, both boys and girls, ranging in age from seven to 16 years old competing.

Over 100 competitors are expected to converge on the circuit at the Lismore Showgrounds for the event which is dedicated to the next generation of Australian motorsport stars.

With the nearby Gold Coast Kart Club currently without a home the Lismore venue, along with other clubs within the South East Queensland region, have seen a number of Gold Coast-drivers compete at their events. This weekend will be no exception.

Some of the Gold Coast drivers who will be heading South for this weekend’s event include third generation racer Aaron Seton, Sam and Jack Howard, Damien and Lucas Ward, Dylan and Chloe Higgins along with Mitchell Griffin, who raced in America last weekend.

Also of note will be a number of young drivers heading up from Sydney to tackle the local Lismore competitors on their home track.

Practice begins on Friday followed by racing over Saturday and Sunday.

The 2008 Young Guns is presented by KAOS Karting along with Attards Sheet metal, Sings Ballina, Brunz Atuo Group, LB Parts, Tony Kart Australia, Lismore Blinds, Lismore Kart Centre and Horizon Photography.


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