4th Annual NSW Speedway Celebration Day

press release

Last Sunday the New South Wales Speedway Kart Club returned to the superb Nepean Motorsports complex for the fourth annual Celebration Day meeting.  While the day wasn’t a championship round, the speedway karts certainly made this a very special Sunday for the NSWSKC.

It was a very impressive roll up with all divisions running with two heats and a feature being the programmed events. Another bonus was that the senior racers were teamed up with junior’s racing for the Team award.

The eight divisions were honouring current or past members who have shaped or continue to give so much to the club over the past 16 years and the winner’s honour roll on the day were:

Midgets honoring Life member    Jeff Burton,
1st Luke Sayre
2nd Rhys Touhy
3rd Corey Foyle
Rookies honoring Life Member     Rob Eyeington
1st Daniel Sayre
2nd Jake Baines
3rd Sean Richards

Juniors honoring Past Member      Gary Bourke
1st Michael Jordan
2nd Cameron Ware
3rd Ashleigh Briton

Clubman Light honoring Life Member     Tony Johnson
1st Natalie Genner
2nd Tim Loveday
3rd David Boyd

Clubman Heavy honoring   Life Member       Brian Briton
1st Leon Coleman
2nd Craig Clements
3rd Joel Rhind
KT Light   honoring Life Member       Donna Eyeington
1st Alana Baines
2nd Louie Callega
3rd Matt Azzopardi

KT Heavy honoring Past Member      Ashley Smith
1st Wayne Baines
2nd Craig Banks
3rd Chris Troy

Formula 100 honoring Past Member      Wayne Selvage
1st Donald Stevens
2nd Jason Freer
3rd Nathan Moreau

  • The Motorex Hard Luck Award – Les Green
  • The On Track Automotive Encouragement award – Jackson McNamara
  • Team of the Year award – Daniel Sayre & David Boyd. The winning team received a set of tyres for both the senior and junior donated by Sayre Racing.

The NSWSC returns to racing on Sunday May 18th for round 4 of the GREAT 2008 Championship series, the Angel’s Roofing Accessories Shootout.

The Nepean Raceway is situated on Rickards Road Castlereagh with racing starting at 10am.



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