Rintoul On The Move

Aaron Rintoul will finish up at DPE tomorrow. The 25-year old, who has been working in the sales and marketing department of the company, as well as the Arrow race team and track side support, is making a major career change.

"I have decided to work with my partner in our Conveyancing office to build our own family business" Rintoul informed KartSportNews. "It was a bitter sweet decision, but is the right one for our future."

Rintoul started working for DPE around four and a half years ago and commenced in the kart assembly area before 'moving upstairs' to an office based role. He's also been involved in the race team plus testing and development of karts and products.

Rintoul has been a regular face in the pit area at many of the major race meetings in Victoria and around the country. When not competing himself, he's been wandering the pits in a technical support role for Arrow, advising customers with the setup of their karts.

However, that now has to change. "Doing the track assistance work has raised both Adam Klunyk's & my own profile among all Arrow drivers. But now I will be just another competitor. I will no longer be representing Arrow, so it would not be correct of me to be offering advice to Arrow's customers, though I'll still be more than happy for a chat. Setup questions should continue to be directed to Arrow's own technical staff on the day" (or to info@arrowkarts, or 1800 ARROW KARTS)

Rintoul will continue to compete from time to time and will race the Geelong Winter Cup / All Star round in Clubman Heavy. "It's impossible to ever leave the sport completely! But I will now be just a casual racer having fun on the weekends, doing my own thing" he explained. "I'll be at Geelong with my little brother (Ashley) who will be running Rotax Light."


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