WSK - Round 3, Lonato

press release

The third round of the WSK 2008 at South Garda Circuit in Lonato (I) was run last weekend. Kozlinski (CRG-Maxter-Bridgestone) won KF1, Suvanto (Tony Kart-Vortex-Bridgestone) KF2 and Maisano (Intrepid-TM-Dunlop) prevaled in KF3.

Above: Kozlinksi wins KF1

Third season’s round was concluded with further innovations to the ever more exciting classifications of WSK International Series. The “FIA Authorised” series is proving itself to be a more and more vast breeding ground for motorsport talents as shown by the classifications drawn up halfway through the season. Queen class KF1 sees as many as 13 drivers within a range of 25 points scored to the sole victory in the Final. At three rounds left, the classifications look so still unpredictable after the important and some way unexpected result in Lonato.

In KF1 PCR and CRG impose themseves in the  finals. After his victory in the SuperPole yesterday afternoon, French Armand Convers (PCR-TM-Bridgestone) has succeeded in imposing himself even in the Pre-Final. This way, well defeating himself in a very hard competition against English Will Stevens (Tony Kart-Vortex-Bridgestone) first and Belgian Jonathan Thonon and French Jean-Philippe Guignet (both on a CRG-Maxter-Bridgestone) later, Convers has thus achieved the pole position to the Final. During this race various unfortunate experiences forced several favourites to stop, starting with Stevens and Thonon up to Convers and the Italian driver from Brescia Marco Ardigò (Tony Kart-Vortex-Bridgestone) on the latest laps. This way French Arnaud Kozlinski (CRG-Maxter-Bridgestone) having victory in his grasp, led the race from the first laps to be only involved in a duel with his team-mate Guignet, in the second half of the race. At this phase English Michael Ryall (Birel-TM-Bridgestone) managed to snatch the second position from Guignet. The final winner Kozlinski thus improves his position in the classification that sees always Stevens at the top. Thanks to the placements achieved today, Italian Sauro Cesetti (Birel-TM-Bridgestone), rises to second place in the part-time score, followed by Ryall.

Above: KF1 Podium

In KF2 Tony Kart scores twice. Finnish  Petri Suvanto (Tony Kart-Vortex-Bridgestone) is the new rival of Aniello Smarrazzo (FA Kart-Vortex-Bridgestone) who however leaves Lonato leading KF2 classification. The Neapolitan winner of the previous round in Muro Leccese got important points finishing fourth both in Pre-Final and Final. In the same races the couple Suvanto and the team-mate Oliver Rowland did not give any chances to the opponents and led in harness up to finishing line. English Foster-Jones (FA Kart-Vortex-Bridgestone) was the only one to stand the pace in the Pre-Final and concluded third whereas German Andre Hauke (Birel-Parilla-Bridgestone) achieved the same place in the Final. A pity Swede Joel Johansson (Energy-TM-Bridgestone)  let  Suvanto  take  the  lead in the Pre-Final just few laps from the end. In the classification, below Smarrazzo respectively are Rowland and Suvanto.

Maisano and Intrepid affirm their leadership in KF3. Brandon Maisano (Intrepid-TM-Dunlop) found no rivals in KF3. He swept the board from the four heats won during the preliminary phase to his victory in the Pre-Final and the ultimate triumph in the Final. Dutch Nick De Vries (Zanardi-XTR-Dunlop) concluded a not simple weekend coming in second in the Final and achieving only a fifth place in the Pre-Final. Driver from Pescara  Lorenzo Camplese (FA Kart-TM-Dunlop) and its countryman from Bari Ignazio D’Agosto (Tony Kart-Vortex-Dunlop) represented Italian alternative in this category: finishing second and third in the Pre-Final they respectively concluded the Final in that order behind Maisano and De Vries. After three rounds, the partial classification of the season reflects the result achieved in the Final, with Maisano firmly at the top above De Vries, D’Agosto and Camplese.

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