Data Logging Seminar For Karters

To coincide with the $5,000 Gold Rush City of Wodonga Titles (event details HERE), Motorsports Training Australia will be conducting a seminar with two 4 hour sessions on "Introduction to Race Engineering and Data Logging".

Karters are invited to come and find out why and how they can start taking advantage of data from their own kart racing.

Did you know you can use track maps, split times with the basic kart data loggers – even without a speed sensor? Learn how to help a driver get up to speed more quickly and see exactly where and how they can improve; find out how to see exactly where a setup change was an advantage or disadvantage.

Come and join us and we will show you how you can put the same techniques and principles that top teams use into your kart racing. Whether you race for fun or are an aspiring upcoming driver you will see the power of data.

Seminar Overview

The two-session seminar is for anyone who wishes to take their racing or understanding to the next level.

In session one topics will include:

The basics of Data loggers

• Whether it is a kart or car all the systems are basically the same
• Installation, Configuring and Trouble Shooting

Understanding Data

• Create Speed without using a speed sensor
• Creating and analysing Split times
• Understanding what those squiggly lines are telling you
• Where to look in the data to find answers

Race Engineering

• Understanding the whole process
• Debriefing the driver
• Tyres
• Organizing Test and Race days
• How to effectively make progress

In session two topics will include:

• Examples of data logging from professional racing teams
• Examples of how data analysis has been used to improve performance
• Question and answer session

Chris Bloomfield-Brown of CB2
Matthew Boniface of Brad Jones Racing

Fees and Charges
$40 per head

Session Dates
Thursday 12 June 2008, 6:30 PM – 10:30 PM
Thursday 19 June 2008, from 6:30 PM

Motorsports Training Australia,
2 Romet Rd WODONGA
(Behind the McPhail’s Furniture store)

How to Apply
Apply direct to:
Motorsports Training Australia
Telephone: (02) 6055 6769

Motorsports Training Australia

Motorsports Training Australia (MTA) specialist centre provides the skills and knowledge required by technicians in Australia’s Motorsports industry. MTA is a business division of Wodonga TAFE that works closely with the motor-racing industry to ensure that the graduates from our courses are well prepared for employment in professional race teams. Many V8 Supercar teams currently employ graduates from our Certificate III and Diploma of Motorsports courses.

In order to provide current a relevant Motorsports experience to its students, MTA works closely with teams in a range of categories, including V8 Supercars (BJR), Formula V, Aussie cars, Club sprints through to the Albury Wodonga Kart Club.

There are two full-time 12-month courses (Certificate III in Motorsports and the Diploma of Motorsports) plus a number of short courses.