Barossa Track Upgrade Plans

from Ash Budd

Funding and design approval has been given for much needed rennovations and track widening at Barossa.

The Start / Finish straight will be extended, kink to the left and then join onto the current turn 3 corner making the current turn one and turn two obsolete. The current turn 4 "esses" configuration stays the same but the following left hand "turn5" straightens and continues into the current car park and canteen area creating a new turn six with a tightening left hander onto a short straight into a new right hand corner "turn 7" which somewhat resembles the middle corner of Bolivar. Exiting the new turn 7 leads onto another short straight which bends slightly to the right after crossing the apex of the old turn 2 section before kicking back left and joining the current "sweeper".

In the diagram below, the " Old" track is in black and the new extensions and tyre barries are in blue.