Hutton Increases Top Half Series Lead

press release

Thirteen-year-old King’s College student Arie Hutton has extended his lead in the NZ 2008 Top Half Series. After winning four of five Heats at Round 1, Arie made it a clean sweep, five out of five, at Round 2 contested at Tokoroa recently.

Above: Super Freight-backed Kartsport racer Arie Hutton out in front at Tokoroa.
pic - Andrew Bright-Ultrapix

Commenting on the event Arie said: "We decided to leave the engine we used at Hamilton in the trailer all weekend and focus on proving our other SPARK engines. During testing on Saturday we were a few tenths off the pace. However with newer tyres on race day we found the extra few tenths we needed. My Super Freight kart was reasonably well balanced, although we chased a slight corner entry push most of the day. Despite adjusting the chassis for each race we never quite got rid off the push.

With 22 Junior Yamaha karts entered at the short Tokoroa track we were split into six predetermined grid Heats plus a seventh final Heat. We contested Heats 2, 3, 5 and 6 plus the final. With a lap time of just over 20 seconds and only two passing opportunities per lap it was all rather frantic in the 12 lap races. We had a bit of luck in traffic and the five race wins have helped increase our Series lead. However there are still 10 races to go and only after competitors drop their worst two races at the end of the Series will the title be decided."

Top Half Series Round 2, Hamilton 11-5-08

Predetermined grid system. Arie’s results:
Heat 2 Grid 9 1st
Heat 3 Grid 3 1st
Heat 5 Grid 14 1st
Heat 6 Grid 5 1st
Heat 7 Grid 1 1st

Top Half Series Points Junior 100cc Yamaha

Round 2                 After 2 Rounds
1. Arie Hutton 210 Arie Hutton 417
2. Daniel Colville 194 Daniel Kinsman 393
3. Daniel Kinsman 193 Rex Edwards 388
4. Scott Hatton 191 Daniel Colville 383
5. Rex Edwards 189 Scott Hatton 368
6. Andy Schofield 189 Andy Schofield 365

Arie’s next major event is Round 3 of the Top Half Series at Mt Wellington, Auckland, 22 June 2008.