Hyper Test Day Adds Another Superkarter

press release

A HyperRacer test day at Winton last Friday saw Queenslander David McAdam take delivery of, and have his first laps in, a brand new Hyper MAX Racer.

An ex sprint karter and motor cycle racer, McAdam had his first drive of his Hyper Racer at sunny Winton before taking his new toy back to Queensland.

A number of the regular Hyper drivers attended the day. A couple of new drivers, Taigue Fountain and Luke Klaver, had their first runs in a Hyper as they tried out Rotax Superkarting on the big circuits for the first time.

Above & Below: David McAdam aboard his new Hyper Racer

Above: Left to right - Luke Klaver (far left), Taigue Fountain, Shaun Trounson, Dean Crooke, David McAdam and Chris Jewell.

Above: David McAdam


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