Kart Hoses Sports Car

Motoring journalist and avid kart racer Shaun Cleary has been busy behind the wheel and the keyboard recently.

Apparently, a number of performance car manufacturers have marketed their cars as possessing "kart-like" handling dynamics. Cleary decided to put a Leopard engined Tony Kart up against a Lotus Exige S PP sports car around VACC Park in Melbourne to see if there was any truth to the claims.

The current (July) issue of Motor Magazine carries the result (sorry to break the bubble, but, around a kart rack, the Lotus gets hosed!).

The seven-page article features some great photography and corner-by-corner analysis of a lap in each. The magazine has an audited circulation of 46,272 (and a subsequent readership of 251,000 per month) so expect a few Motor readers to be Googling for go karts this month.

Above: Part of the Kart Vs Car feature in MOTOR magazine


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