Hutton Third at North Island Kart Championships

press release

Thirteen year old King’s College student Arie Hutton finished 3rd in the Junior 100cc Yamaha class at the 2008 KartSport New Zealand North Island Sprint Championships contested in Hamilton over Labour Weekend. Arie finished 4th in Formula Junior at the same event.

Above: Hutton ahead in the Yamaha class
pic - Andrew Bright/Ultrapix

Commenting on the event Arie said: “We were reasonably happy with our qualifying positions in both classes as we felt we had more a bit more speed in both karts for race day. The changeable weather conditions on Saturday caught us out a bit with the Yamaha and after a good performance in the Pre-Final we were too conservative with our set up for the Final. We gripped up after only four laps and I was lucky to steal 3rd place back from James Hadley on the last lap. Congratulations to Daniel on his dominant win.

Sunday was the first time we had driven the KF3 in the wet and it took us a while to work out the gearing and tuning. In the meantime the clutch took a bit of a hammering. We were all on slicks for the Final, however it started to rain just as we went out the gate and the track remained wet for the whole race. Congratulations to Tom on a great “rally drive” in the Final.

Above: Aboard the KF3 kart
pic - Andrew Bright/Ultrapix

I would like to thank Stuart Park from Spark Engines for all his work leading up to and at the event. I would also like to acknowledge the support over the last two years of Lance Peach from Super Freight. This was our last event in Super Freight colours and concludes a very successful partnership which started with a pole position at the 2006 North Island Championships and included numerous other podium results including an NZ title in 2007.”

Junior 100cc Yamaha
Arie’s results:
Qualifying         3rd                     40.634 (Pole D Kinsman 40.405)
Heat 1               2nd
Heat 2               3rd
Pre-Final           3rd
Final                 3rd

Final Result
1st         Daniel Kinsman             18 laps
2nd        Alex Geary                    +2.857
3rd         Arie Hutton                    +3.780
4th         James Hadley               +3.883

Formula Junior
Arie’s results:
Qualifying         2nd                    39.996 (Pole D Kinsman 39.889)
Heat 1               5th
Heat 2               4th
Pre-Final           4th
Final                 4th

Final Result
1st         Tom Blomqvist              18 laps
2nd        Daniel Kinsman             +6.909
3rd         Chris Cox                      +17.993
4th         Arie Hutton                    +20.346

Arie’s other recent results include:
Hamilton Kart Club Championships, 9/10 August.
            1st         Junior 100cc Yamaha
            2nd        Formula Junior
41st Annual Blossom Festival, Hawkes Bay Karting Club, 6/7 September.
            4th         Junior 100cc Yamaha
Hamilton Anniversary, Hamilton Kart Club, 20/21 September.
1st         Formula Junior

Arie’s next event is the CIK-FIA Asia-Pacific Championship for KF3, Macau, 27-30 November 2008.