Monarto News

press release

GO karting in the Murraylands and South Australia has received a boost with the opening of the newly completed sprint kart track at Monarto. The Monarto circuit is the first track to be built in South Australia for nearly 30 years.

Australian Karting Association SA issued the track with a licence to hold AKA-sanctioned race meetings on October 11.

The Go Kart Club of South Australia's former facility at 'The Pines' at Oakbank was closed down in 2000. The Dublin Go Kart Club's facility was closed down 15 years ago to make way for a new highway development over the old track.

Both clubs have joined forces to develop the new Monarto Karting Complex, providing 1040 metres of high-speed race track, incorporating long straight and high speed corners.

GKCSA secretary John Phillpott said Murraylands karters would especially appreciate having the new track at Monarto in their back yard. “The complex will definitely benefit local karters, as there will be a lot less travelling and travel costs to get to a race meet,” he said.

“It will also benefit the local businesses as we will not only be able hold local events, we will be able to hold State and national championships and endurance events on a rotating basis with other tracks in the State. Catering for these meets is huge and accommodation for competitors will be needed.”

Among the local karters set to benefit from having potentially one of the best sprint kart tracks in Australia right in their back yards are Jarman Dalitz and Mike Phillpott (below).

Dalitz, who holds first place in junior clubman with a three-point lead going into the last round of the Festival State Cup, said he was excited about being able to regularly use the track. “I am really looking forward to being able to race on the Monarto track,” he said. “Now I will not be spending as much time travelling to race meetings and to practise”.

Mike Phillpott, in his second season of sprint kart racing, is placed fourth in the Junior National Heavy Category, with one round of the Festival State Cup series remaining. “I had a great result in the fourth round of the Festival State cup held at Southern Go Kart Club at Bolivar on October 5, where I finished third in Junior National Heavy against drivers that will be moving up to seniors next season,” he said.

John Phillpott said the track would provide more opportunities for locals to embrace the sport.
“Once the track is open, I can see many in the local community joining karting and the whole sport of karting in general will benefit from the track,” he said. “The ‘hard working’ committee are very excited with the project as we are almost ready to hold our first race meet.

“I believe that the local businesses and community will get behind this fantastic sporting complex, as it is the best thing that has happened to karting in South Australia in nearly 30 years”.

Locals interested in sprint kart racing can visit the Go Kart Club of South Australia’s website at