Superkart Working Group News

press release

In the effort to stream line & improve communications amongst Superkarters we welcome you to the new look SWG website at

After months of Draft writing we have finally come to a final version of the 2009 STR's for comment. Due to the short timing put on the panel we have a small window of time for member input prior to submitting the STR's for approval by the Commission, for 2009 implementation.

A major thank you must go to John Whitfield for his efforts in doing the hard yards in preparing the document, it's been a huge task absorbing input from the group.

The draft version of the STR's is absent of the regular diagrams & they will be reinserted in final printing. You will see down the right hand side in Pink some explanations/rational & new inclusions are in green. The current draft has included submissions from the previous panel. Under normal circumstances the STR's would not undergo such a significant change. I suspect as time moves on there will be further tweaking required as we receive input for consideration.

We look forward to your comments.

John Pellicano
Chairman SWG