Toowoomba's Masters & Apprentices

The final meeting to be run by the Toowoomba club this year was the "Masters & Apprentices” on November 16. This meeting had only juniors and over 30’s competing. The Masters were split into 2 groups - 30 to 39 and then 40 onwards.

The racing was intense and some of the groups were looking for less laps in the heat. The Vintage/Historic Karts also showed their style.

Toowoomba Kart club also had two Arrow chassis to be won. Everyone who raced at Toowoomba during the year was in the draw. The Junior chassis was won by Wade Scott. The Senior chassis was won by Alan Craig.

Midgets 1st  Cameron Butler   2nd Maxim Erickson  3rd Randy Morgan 
Rookies 1st Nicholas Andrews  2nd Jason Ebneter  3rd Jordan Condor
Jnr Evo L 1st Sean Butcher 2nd Scott Hynes  3rd Troy Morrissey
Jnr Evo H 1st Alexandra Whitley  2nd William Sculpher   3rd Trent Harders
Snr Evo Pro (40+)  1st Terry Sheedy
Sportsman Lgt (30-39) 1st Matthew Klein
Sportsman Lgt (40+) 1st Chris Michell 2nd Dennis Neagle
Sportsman Hvy (30-39) 1st Scott Black 2nd Jason Klein
Sportsman Hvy (40+) 1st Andrew Scott 2nd Ivo Dal-Cin 3rd Kevin Cossor
TAG Lgt (30-39) 1st David Kenneally 2nd Cristian Sharp 3rd Mal Walker
TAG Lgt (40+) 1st Graham Acreman 2nd Wayne Nipperess 3rd Richard Losper
Resa Lgt 1st Kathy Moore 2nd James Pratsch 3rd Geoffrey Davey
Resa Hvy 1st Geoff Porter