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Preview: SA Championships

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Some of the Country’s best kart racers will be heading to the South Australian city of Whyalla this week to prepare themselves for the South Australian Karting Championships to be held on November 29/30.

Heading the invasion of South Australia’s third largest city will be Victorian Garry Jacobson. The Goulburn Valley teenager has already claimed six state championships throughout 2008 and has got his sights set on another two titles next weekend.

Above: Victorian Garry Jacobson has claimed six state championships throughout 2008
pic - photowagon.com.au

Jacobson will be competing in the highly competitive Junior National Heavy and Junior Clubman categories where he will face some tough opposition from the likes of fellow junior stars Ben Jurczak, Lucas Ward, Daniel Oosthuizen and Warren White.

“So far I’ve had a fantastic year and I’d love to win another two state championships in Whyalla to finish the year on a high,” said Jacobson, who won two state titles in Tasmania earlier this month.

“I’ve never been to Whyalla before so it will be a new experience for me. My Dad raced Super Sedans on the Speedway before I was born but this weekend will be the first time I’ve raced there.

“I’d expect the racing to be very tight, especially considering the size of the track. It’s not the longest circuit I’ve raced on this year and because of this I believe that qualifying well will be vital to a good weekend as passing opportunities in the races will be limited."

With 154 entries received across 12 categories competitors from as young as seven and as experienced as 50 years old will be vying for championship honours across the weekend.

Up to 24 drivers will be racing on the circuit in each division during the event, with speeds reaching in excess of 80km/h as the karts race within inches of each other the action is always action packed.

The Whyalla circuit has been the scene of some memorable moments for karters from all across Australia, including 2005 V8 Supercar Champion Russell Ingall. He spent many of his formative years learning his craft on tracks across South Australia – including the Mt Young Raceway in Whyalla.

This will be the first time that the state championships have been held in the region since 2002.

Qualifying and heat races will be held on Saturday November 29 followed by the Championship Finals on Sunday November 30.

Mt Young Raceway, Whyalla – November 29/30


Rhys Wooley
Chase Wooley
Stefan Stankovic
Reece Sidebottom
Tyler Morrison
Jackson Freer
Jayden Meckenstock
Jake Dixon
Benjamin Redjepi
Jaidyn Job
Trent Job
Joshua Denton
Tate Skinner
Jay Skinner
Danny Carroll
Jordan McGregor
Jordan Boys
Jake Klein
Jordan Murphy

Cameron Hill
Jake Downs
Jesse Elliot
Joshua Angus
Adam Dewis
Joshua Buggy
Damon Strongman
Scott Matheson
Dylan Howell
Jack Hamilton
Andrew Gameau
Michael Potter
Anthony Rugolo
Jake Spokes
Jake Cole
Hayden Reynolds
Cameron Reynolds
Joseph Burton-Harris
Matthew Flay
James Hughes
Aiden James
James Foster

Junior National Light
Trent Grubel
Simon Hodge
Joseph Mawson
Todd Hazelwood
Cameron Waters
Dalton Ellery
Ethan Hussein
Adrian Lazzaro
George Gutierrez
Clancy Venables
Warren White
Bradley Jenner
James Foster

Junior National Heavy
William Sculper
Joseph Mawson
Josh Manning
Gemma Deakin
Macauley Jones
Ben Jurczak
Jarrod Egan
Matt McRae
Michael Phillpott
Garry Jacobson
Joseph Linscott
Alex Baker
Julian Lunetta
Brandon Stillwell
Daniel Oosthuizen

Junior Clubman
Simon Hodge
Lucas Ward
Josh Manning
Jaie Robson
Ben Jurczak
Gemma Deakin
Jarman Dalitz
Jarrod Egan
Garry Jacobson
Joseph Linscott
Alex Baker
Trent Grubel
Cameron Waters
Warren White
Brandon Stillwell
Genarro D'Elia

Senior National Light
David Kermond
Ben Stewart
Matthew Panella
Lincoln Benns
Mitchel Hudson
Blake Sciberras
Dominic Lostitch
Jedd Stojakovic

Clubman Light
Ben Stewart
Matthew Panella
Jason Burns
Lydon Dodge
Nicholas Karavas
Leigh Harrison
Rocco Ventra
Geoffrey Uhrhane
Brett Mullavey
Tyson Pearce
Ty Ransome
Damian Ward
Tim Passlow

Clubman Heavy
Errol Hussein
Rowan Booth
Shay Mayes
Darren Clee
Daniel Prior
Leigh Cocker
Danny Errigo
Michael Cross
Brendan Nelson
Mick Robson
Kyle Booth

Clubman Super Heavy
Craig Evans
Ben Vardon
Scott Simpson
John Ellis
Adem Redjepi
Ben McKinlay
Nick Scudds
Craig Denton

Clubman Over 40's
Peter O'Niell
Peter Wallace
James Angus
Simon Layne
Simon Granfield
Kevin Ledwidge
Stephen Blee
Errol Hussein
Keith Bartlett
Duane Reynolds

Lepoard Light
Jesse Batson
Lee Chapman
Ross Miller
Jedd Stojakovic
Leigh Harrison
Geoffrey Uhrhane
Nicholos Karavas
Ben Edwards
Brendan Nelson
Shay Mayes

Lepoard Heavy
Nathan Mills
Lee Chapman
Simon Layne
Rowan Booth
Matt Hall
Tom Bromhead
Keke Falland
Blake Mooney


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