Radical Maranello Chassis Unveiled

Italian constructor Maranello has unveiled a radical new chassis design at the Rotax World Final.

Mikko Nassi at kartingasia.com has taken plenty of photos of the new chassis. A photo gallery of more angles and features of the kart can be seen on kartingasia.com HERE.

Designated "RS8", the new frame is a big departure from what is regarded as the modern day classic design. The main rail is one length of tube bent into a huge "U" shape. The front axle cross beam is attached to a lower cross rail and has clamps that slide wider or norrower to control the amount of flex and weight jacking. The rear of the kart is very symetrical with the seat appearing to be located on the centreline instead of being offset.

The rear axle is located with 2 bearings but a third central bearing carries the brake caliper which is free to float with axle flex (this was a problem with some of the old twin-engined chassis of the past; applying the brakes would stop the axle from flexing freely).

One thing is for sure: this chassis will gain Maranello heaps of free publicity even if it doesn't perform. But maybe that's the idea. The strategy has worked well in the past for the likes of Birel, Haase and CRG...

maranello kart
Above: Maranello are supplying the Senior MAX karts at the Rotax World Final and took the opportunity to show off this radical RS8 chassis.
pic by Mikko Nassi at kartingasia.com

Above: This looks like the rear end of an old Twin Clubman chassis!
pic by Mikko Nassi at kartingasia.com

Above: The black clamps adjust the amount of flex of the front axle tube in relation to the main chassis structure underneath.
pic by Mikko Nassi at kartingasia.com


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