Product: AMB's Personal Transponder

Announcing the new AMB Personal Transponder for karters!

With karts fast moving towards electric starts, AMB has seen the potential to further improve Personal Transponders for karters. After long periods of testing and development AMB is proud to announce the new TranX160 Direct Powered Transponder, which will give karters added convenience and an option for Personal transponder timing with existing AMB systems throughout Australia and New Zealand.

The new TranX160 Direct Powered Transponder
Powered by the kart’s battery!

Introducing the Direct Powered Transponder for karters

The Personal TranX160 DP, to be released for individual drivers, can be permanently mounted on a kart and attached to the battery for power. This is perfect for classes such as Rotax, TAG and Leopard where batteries are standard. For those without batteries, our existing Personal Rechargeable transponders will continue to be the best option. And, of course, all our Personal Transponders come with the added benefit of your Personal lap times and results on!

The new 160DP brings new meaning to the words easy to use. The transponder is on when the kart is running – no charging is required! With a draw of 15mA and a footprint of a similar size to the Personal Rechargeable transponder this truly is always on transponder timing. With the TranX160 DP, you’ll be ready to use the AMB system at any time – whether it is for racing or practice at some of our MyLaps Practice installations.

If you would like to learn more about the TranX160DP or how AMB systems can help your club, contact us on our details below.

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