New KartAnalyst Website & Features

KartAnalyst now have a new website which they've been developing and testing for the past 6 months. The website now provides more understanding about the product and some great new features for all karters, whether they use KartAnalyst software or not.

Above: The new home page of KartAnalyst

KartWorld is the latest addition to the KartAnalyst Service Suite and it’s free to use for everyone. It will provide you with information about kart tracks, shops, manufacturers and news providers from all over the world, utilizing the Google maps interface and a search feature to make it quick, easy and effective to use. Take a look now, click HERE

Above: The KartWorld page.

Free Listings
Also, karting businesses have the opportunity to get a FREE 6 month KartWorld listing. It’s a quick and simple way to put your business on the map. To find out more, visit HERE

KartAnalyst Dashboard
The new website also includes a Dashboard, which allows you to login and get the latest KartAnalyst News, Tips and Updates.

The Dashboard incorporates a “toolbox” which provides users with tools such as a gear ratio calculator and will soon include a fuel mixture calculator as well as many other tools.

The Dashboard is constantly being updated so be sure to create an account and check back regularly to find out what’s new.

To create an account, visit HERE

NEW KartAnalyst coming soon.
The KartAnalyst team is also working on the new version of KartAnalyst, (KartAnalyst T-07 Plus) which will be free to download for existing users. It will include new features, more data entry fields and easy access to the online tools and services on the KartAnalyst website. Keep checking the website for more information.