'BABY' Tyre Changer

It’s here in Australia – The Baby Tyre Changer - and it could make your life a whole lot easier!

baby tyre changerFitting kart tyres can be a real pain. Breaking the bead, removing the old tyre and fitting a new one can be hard, knuckle-scraping work.

The BABY range of tyre changers make this a whole lot easier. These products (2 models, manual and electric) will make changing tyres at home much faster. They are a real time saver for kart shops too.

The machine can quickly and easily change your kart tyres with no damage to rim or tyre.

It is a highly professional and portable piece of equipment that is light, small and very simple to use. And the best thing about it is that it’s affordable to everyone.

The "BABY" tyre changer is the result of the experience accumulated over the years by a long-established manufacturer combined with the technical know-how of specialists in the field of tyre service equipment.

This unbeatable combination has created a product with professional features which everyone can afford.

Light, small and easy-to-use, this machine is essential for karting aficionados and operators.

Designed and built in compliance with safety standards and the most recent international accident-prevention directives, this machine has an outstanding operating capacity due to the special shape of the bead breaker and the tyre changing tool, designed specifically for the 5 to 6 inch diameter wheels used on karts.

Technica Data:

  • Height-adjustable manual bead breaker.
  • Manual-lock wheel support plate.
  • Double rotation direction wheel support plate that can be controlled either manually (BABY-M) or by an electric motor (BABY-E).
  • Standard power supply requirements: 240V / 50Hz / single phase.
  • 5-6" diameter wheels (kart), with width from 110 mm to 270 mm.
  • BABY-M weight: 25 Kg
  • BABY-E weight: 33 Kg.

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