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It's Mojo, Mojo, Mojo!

Rotax promoter IKD has issued a statement regarding tyres in the Rotax class after some errors were spotted in the online version of latest AKA Manual which has just been released:

Statement from IKD

Before a torrent of emails and phone calls starts we felt it was appropriate to inform you of the situation.

A couple of errors have crept into a number of places in the AKA manual that Rotax competitors should be aware of.

The Formula Rotax chapter (chapter 28) states that the classes will be running on Bridgestone tyres, this is incorrect and has been for almost a year. The tyre for these classes is Mojo D2.

The Formula JMA chapter (Chapter 35) states that Formula JMA (Junior Rotax) will be running on MG Red, this is also incorrect, the tyre for this class is Mojo D2.

The manual further states that the Mojo D1 is an approved tyre. In fact this should refer to the Mojo D2.

The AKA National office has been advised of these errors and a manual addendum will be forthcoming shortly.

These are clearly all proof reading errors as opposed to changes to the rules. We hope that this does not cause any problems and we are sure that all clubs are aware of the tyres for the classes.



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