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Memorial Meeting Opens New Look Barossa Track

press release

The grand opening of the Barossa Go-Kart Club’s new track was held at the “Liberty Oil Raceway” located at Robinson Park Belvidere Road, just off the Sturt Highway, Nuriootpa, South Australia on Saturday February the 14th

Some 160 entries were received for the first event of the year on the South Australian calendar which was run in glorious weather after the circuit was officially opened by the Barossa Council Deputy Lord Mayor and former Channel Nine television identity: Patsy Biscoe. 

The meeting was the annual DOUG LIDDLE MEMORIAL for Clubman pro, won by Nicholas Karavas and the ROD GARDNER MEMORIAL for Junior National Pro won by Todd Hazelwood.

barossa karts
Above: Clubman Pro 'Doug Liddle Memorial' winner, Nick Karavas
pic - Ash Budd, www.photowagon.com.au

barossa karts
Above: Todd Hazelwood, Junior National Pro 'Rod Gardner Memorial' winner
pic - Ash Budd, www.photowagon.com.au

Attending Dignitaries and the Media were given a firsthand description of how the meeting was unfolding by Membership Secretary; Mr Chris Whibley at the club's corporate hospitality facility located on the entrance to the straight, an excellent vantage point.

Mr. Stephen Blee, Barossa Go-kart Club President, said:  “I would like to think that this facility has been, and will continue to be of enormous benefit to the community on many levels. There is the obvious foundation it provides for those who wish to pursue a career in motorsport, but it also brings the whole family unit together with children, parents, uncles and aunts and even grandparents becoming involved.  The facility is well supported by local business and enjoyed not only by the local community, but also karters from all over the state have come to support this facility, and when the club hosts the South Australian Open Championships later this year karters will come from all over the country, enjoying all that the beautiful Barossa region has to offer.

Above: Patsie Biscoe cuts the ribbon to officially open the circuit
pic - Ash Budd, www.photowagon.com.au

Mr. Blee, who has been a competitor in numerous disciplines of motorsport since he was a teenager, believes the lesson’s our young drivers learn in karting also prepares them for use of our roads. 

“Experiencing the cause and effect of being in control of a motorised vehicle in a controlled environment teaches our juniors to take responsibility for their actions and continue to learn. Of course once teenagers do receive a road licence, karting provides a very safe environment for them to put their skills to the test and challenge themselves behind the wheel of a racing kart, and not a car on our public roads.” he concluded.

Above: Tyler Morrison saving rubber
pic - Ash Budd, www.photowagon.com.au

Above: Matthew Panella, 1st Senior National Light
pic - Ash Budd, www.photowagon.com.au

Above: Junior National Light form up for their 2nd heat
pic - Ash Budd, www.photowagon.com.au

Club History:
The Barossa Go-Kart club is an integral part South Australian karting history.  It was formed in 1960 by founding members Kirby Robinson, Flo & Roma Nuske, Brenda & Doug Liddle, Bill Ramsey, Keith Colmer, Alan Brinklrom, and Mick & Sue Stott together with others. 

The club ran race meetings on a dirt surface at its first location, behind the Nurioopta caravan park. The club then ran its first South Australian Open State Championship held in 1964 at its current location. The land was initially owned by Kirby Robinson, a local news paper owner and was leased for the interest payments only to the Club.  Mr. Robinson later gifted the land to the Club, hence the name “Robinson Park”.   The track was extended in 1972, 1994 and now again in 2009.

Of significance is that the new facility now complies with the Australian Karting Association (AKA) requirements to hold the South Australian Open State Championships.

Current Supercheap Racing V8 Supercar driver Russell Ingall raced around Robinson Park as a junior before going on to an illustrious career in motorsport including winning the Bathurst 1000 in 1995 and 1997 and becoming the V8 Supercar champion in 2005.

Above: Chase Wooley, 1st Midgets
pic - Ash Budd, www.photowagon.com.au

Above: Clubman drivers trip over each other
pic - Ash Budd, www.photowagon.com.au

Above: Julian Lunetta's Clubman Light machine features a full carbon fibre nassau panel
pic - Ash Budd, www.photowagon.com.au

Above: Rookie winner Rhys Wooley
pic - Ash Budd, www.photowagon.com.au


Position Driver
1 David Brewer
2 Craig Owen
3 Peter Wallace
4 Simon Granfield
5 Daniel Tasanen
6 Allan Inwood
7 Philip Collier
Position Driver
1 Chase Wooley
2 Jordan Murphy
3 Joshua Denton
4 Jordan Pianezzola
5 Trent Job
6 Jackson Freer
7 Dylan Hannam
8 Samantha Ligertwood
9 Jackson Barbary
10 Bailey Magro
11 Joel Oliver
12 Harrison Smith
Position Driver
1 Matthew Panella
2 Gemma Deakin
3 Graham Jensen
Position Driver
1 Rhys Wooley
2 Anthony Rugolo
3 Hayden Reynolds
4 Jay Skinner
5 Dylan Howell
6 Scott Matheson
7 Tyler Morrison
8 Jaidyn Job
9 Blaine Grills
10 Tate Skinner
11 Jake Eve
12 Andrew Gameau
13 Joshua Angus
14 Jack Hamilton
15 Jessica Griffiths
16 Adam Dewis
Position Driver
1 George Gutierrez
2 Todd Hazelwood
3 Keaton Bowler
4 Cameron Reynolds
5 Jamie Diener
6 Jarryd Ligertwood
7 Jayden Sharrad
8 Clancy Venables
9 Luke Bergens
10 Jarrad Bawden
11 Cameron Waters
12 Ethan Hussein
13 Jordan Smith
14 Ben Ligertwood
Class: Junior Clubman/Max
Position Driver
1 Simon Hodge
2 Cameron Waters
3 Michael Phillpott
4 Jarman Dalitz
5 Luke Francis
6 Mitchell Abbott
7 Andrew Spear
Position Driver
1 Peter Wallace
2 John Ellis
3 Kevin Bollard
4 Simon Granfield
5 Errol Hussein
6 Tony Fathers
7 David Harris
8 Steve Blee
9 Alan Harris
10 Philip Collier
11 Colin Pratt
12 Vito Magarelli
13 Paul Cocker
14 Keith Bartlett
15 Nick Vartzokas
16 Craig Henderson
17 Eddy Spear
18 Paul Mansell
Class: SPORTSMAN 125 (Restr)
Postion Driver
1 Gary Stibbs
2 Benjamin Steele
3 Bradley Colman
  Rod Gardner Memorial
Position Driver
1 Todd Hazelwood
2 Guy Walker
3 Clancy Venables
4 Simon Hodge
5 Luke Bergens
6 George Gutierrez
7 Mathew McRae
8 Cameron Reynolds
9 Jay Walker
10 Michael Phillpott
11 Andrew Spear
12 Benjamin Ligertwood
13 Ethan Hussein
Class: Doug Liddle Memorial
Position Driver
1 Nicholas Karavas
2 Matthew Panella
3 Michael Cross
4 Aaron Wilamoski
5 Chris Fathers
6 Leigh Cocker
7 Alex Baker
8 Gemma Deakin
9 Juhan Lunetta
10 Daniel Wallace
11 Thomas Goess
12 Gennaro Delia
13 Shayne Ohara
Position Driver
1 David Brewer
2 Jason Tippins
3 Brenton Locke
4 Craig Owen
5 John Ellis
6 Craig Evans
7 Ben Vardon
8 Grant Beggs
9 Rachel Ford
10 Rocky Carbone
11 George Diamond
Position Driver
1 Guy Walker
2 Matthew McRae
3 Nikolaos Diamond
4 Brianna Stillwell
5 Thomas Armstrong
Class: SPORTSMAN 125 Light
Position Driver
1 Brett Fortainier
2 Brandon Stillwell
3 Ross Miller
4 Martin Quinn
5 Helen Dennison
6 Duane Reynolds
Class: SPORTSMAN 125 Heavy
Position Driver
1 Blake Mooney
2 Ian Williams
3 Simon Bond
4 Bill Miller
5 Warren Mitchell
6 Greg Stillwell
7 Geoff Quinn
8 Craig Hewitt
Position Driver
1 Alex Baker
2 Matthew Panella
3 Mac Weindenhofer
4 Daniel Wallis
5 Chris Seidel
6 Tenille Abbott
7 Tim McNamara
Position Driver
1 Mark Goode
2 Danny Saunders
3 David Harper
4 Nathan Burgess




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