Kovacic and Kartforce Clean Up at Premier State Cup

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The first round of the Premier State Cup, held at Newcastle over the weekend, provided the best possible start in Seniors for promising local driver James Kovacic.

Only the record books will tell but Kovacic’s dominance, qualifying on pole in TAG Light (Kartforce/Kosmic/Leopard) and Clubman Light ( Kartforce/Monaco) then winning every round and the final in both classes in his first time as a senior in Australia, must surely be a record. With the home track advantage, and Kartforce support, Kovacic blitzed the opposition qualifying around half a second faster in both classes. From there on it was no contest.

james kovacic
Above: James Kovacic made his senior debut at Newcastle, here leading the TaG Light field
pic - Cooper's Photography, 0439 607 072

Kip Foster from Kartforce, who has mentored past and present Australian Champions, many of whom he has taken from Juniors to Seniors, has never seen such a breathtaking performance. “Today, James showed not only his driving superiority, but out and out professionalism. He has done the hard yards testing, has really learnt his craft in kart set up, with two totally different karts, and the engines we prepared didn’t miss a beat - it was an awesome weekend.”

Already a highly acclaimed junior, winning multiple State Titles and an Australian Title, could Kovacic upset the balance of power in Australian Karting currently dominated by ‘The King’ David Sera?

Sera, who was not racing in the Premier State Cup, is the current golden boy of karting and arguably the best driver in Australia. He recently tasted victories in the USA and has competed at the highest level in Europe,  but can ‘The Kings’ crown be  jilted by the youngster from Newcastle?

Above: Kovacic on his way to winning Clubman Light
pic - Cooper's Photography, 0439 607 072

It is a salivating prospect for all karters and as Kip Foster explained will be great for karting in 2009. “Kovacic and Sera have many similarities - both were very professional, dedicated and fiercely aggressive junior competitors. Both seamlessly  moved into the Senior ranks and both win in a variety of classes whether it be Junior National J class, Junior Clubman, Leopard (TAG), Rotax or Senior Clubman. Both have strong support from their families and respective kart /engine suppliers and both both have competed in Europe and the USA. I can’t wait to see the two head to head.”

A Kovacic-Sera clash will also stir some friendly Melbourne versus Sydney and Arrow versus Monaco rivalry which will be great for the sport.

With both drivers already looking to further their careers in car racing, this opportunity to see two of Australia’s greatest young drivers may be limited. Lets hope commonsense prevails and the current dispute between the Queensland karting authorities and Kovacic can be resolved before the national titles in Townsville, as this would be the perfect venue to let the battle begin.


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