Tassie's 50 Years Of Karting

The Phil Maney Pie Company 50 Years of Karting event was held at North Western Kart Club, Highclere Tasmania on March 6-8 March. Results below. Photos of the event can be found HERE.

TAS CADETS (Midgets)   1st  Johnah Slater,  2nd  Jacob Morris,   3rd  Brock Evans
ROOKIES  1st  Brody Appleby,  2nd  Brodie Evans,   3rd  Zac Vassallo
1st division 1   Jason White,  2nd division 1  Jeffrey Dickson  3rd division 1 Harley Aitken,   4th division 1  Jason Youd
1st division 2  Jacob Goodluck,  2nd division 2  Dave Young
1st twin/super - over 40   Terry Chadwick,   1st twin/super over 50  Brent Marley
Masters J Light - (over the line) 1st Peter Rogers, 2nd Allan Harragon,  3rd  Barry Campbell
Masters J Light 40-49  1st  Peter Rogers  Masters J Light 50+ 1st Allan Harragon.
Masters J Heavy - (over the line) 1st Rod Bender,  2nd Graham Hoar,  3rd  Geoffrey Daw
Masters J Heavy 30-39  1st Troy Sheahen,   Masters J 50+  1st  Geoffrey Daw
Masters J Super Heavy - (over the line) 1st   John Bonini - 2nd  Graeme Ripper,  3rd  Brad Moss
Masters J Super Heavy 50+  1st  John Bonini
Masters Clubman Light - (over the line)  1st Fred Cocca, 2nd Johnathan Males,  3rd  Allan Harragon
Masters Clubman Light 30-39 1st Johnathan Males,  Masters Clubman Light 40-49  1st  Fred Cocca,  Masters Clubman Light 50+ 1st Allan Harragon
Masters Clubman Heavy - (over the line)  1st Ian Branson,  2nd  Jason White,  3rd Dave Young
Masters Clubman Heavy 30-39 1st Ian Branson, Masters Clubman Heavy 40-49  1st Dave Young,  Masters Clubman Heavy 50+ Tony Rielley
Masters Clubman Super Heavy - (over the line) 1st Geoff Gillam,  2nd  Greg Wood,  3rd Andy McLean
Masters Clubman Super Heavy 30-39 1st Allan Sheahen, Masters Clubman Super Heavy 40-49 1st Geoff Gillam
Trophies were also paid 1st over the line in each division of twin/super as follows;

DIVISION 1 -  1st super air cooled @ 185kg  Jason White,  1st super water cooled @ 190kg  Harley Aitken,  1st Piston Port (Yamaha & Arc) @ 150kg  Terry Chadwick,  1st Piston Port (Not Yamaha or Arc) @ 160kg  Brent Marley,  1st Pre 1988 Reed & Rotary Valve @ 175kg  Shane Bray,  1st 1998 135 Single Air Cooled @ 165kg  Mitchell Evans, 
DIVISION 2  1st Piston Port (Yamaha & Arc) @ 180kg  Jacob Goodluck.


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