Superkart Working Group News

press release

Dear Competitor

I take this opportunity to deliver some SWG updates. 

As most of you are now aware the revised STR's were submitted to Cams in Late November 2008. You will also note we have 2 new agenda items available for comment.

Despite some colourful rhetoric getting about the traps, I can confirm that, as of this email, I have received NO official news from Cams as to the status of the revised STR's……like most of you we have been waiting with baited breath for these new rules to come to effect. Make no mistake, the SWG has spent plenty of time head shaking trying to grapple with the idea, that since our appointment, the best we've managed is to validate the 125 Max weights….dismal effort given all the time & work that has been submitted to the AMRC.

Following a directive from the AMRC in early January a request was made for an additional SWG member to be from the Victorian Club, I can report that Gary Pegararo's name was put forward for consideration to the AMRC. Whilst I have received no official notification to date I'm curtain the appointment will go ahead.

I note with keen interest that the Victorian Club Exec have proposed a set of "club technical rules" that was posted in a recent newsletter, that will NOT apply for State or National events. Interestingly they have identified that the current STR's have been left wide open for interpretations. I recall this tune being sung for many years as Victoria held the majority of  previous SWG positions - one would have to ask, was the opportunity not there then to address these interpretations ?  I have requested a copy of these club rules.

Whilst I will abstain from commenting on the initiative of these club rules (as I can't quite understand the functionality of 2 sets of rules)  it's interesting to note that the minutes of the 28th January from the Cams Victorian State Council, now called the The Victorian Sport & Club Development Council Executive of Cams, makes mention of these "Superkart Technical regulations" under general business, so the concept & drafting has been around for some time now. The Vic club has complained that the SWG does not represent the Vic club, yet they have a proposed set of rules that they did not present to the SWG, when the SWG was asking for submissions (sneaky sneaky). The minutes are available at the following link .  Amongst the Executives of this State panel we have Dave Bellenger as the Chairman & Graeme Williams as the unelected /unofficial Superkart representative. Both are respective Exec members of the Vic club.

Upon reading the CAMS minutes, the question that the laymen would ask - and has asked is - have the Vic club members been made aware that CAMS has declared that the proposed club regulations cannot be in contravention to the NCR's. You would hope so given Mr Williams is on the Club Exec & has been entrusted to report to the club on the submission of these rules.

Our website will be updated as soon as the information has been made available to the SWG. 
Crystal ball gazing, I hope the revised STR's will be released by the AMRC in a bulletin within 7 - 10 days.

Please feel free to direct your input to

Kind regards
John Pellicano 
Chairman Superkart Working Group.