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Final Shakedown For Nationals

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Kart racers from all across Queensland came together in Townsville last weekend for the final shakedown prior to next month’s 47th National Sprint Kart Championships sponsored by Yamaha which will be held at the Sun City Raceway on April 10-12.

Last weekend’s Event provided the opportunity for the local drivers to gain valuable track time prior to the interstate invasion for Australia’s biggest karting event of 2009.

Local drivers Corey James and Kaydon Iverson completed their preparations in perfect style by claiming the victory in their respective categories. Bundaberg driver Kel Treseder also proved that he will be a forced to be reckoned with at the National Championships with a pair of second places over the weekend.

Above: Local driver Corey James leading the way at the Sun City Raceway.
pic: nqsport.net

In Clubman Heavy Treseder was caught in a Garioch sandwich with Nathan Garioch taking the victory and his father Bevan finishing third.

Such was the place in the Clubman Heavy category the leaders were circulate in lap times quicker than ever seen previously at Championship level in the class.

Above: Bundaberg driver Kel Treseder (#75) in the middle of a Garioch family sandwich on the weekend.
pic: nqsport.net

“Over the past two race meetings I’ve been doing a fair bit of testing to make sure I’m fully prepared for the Nationals,” said Treseder.

“The Garioch boys have done a lot of laps and have showed some good pace, through the best guys from down South together with the local will be a great event.

“I honestly believe that the Clubman Heavy category will be the toughest class at the Nationals with the best from around here taking on the best of the guys from the South.”

Other drivers to win their respective categories in the final shakedown event were Cian Fothergill (Leopard Light), Liam Sager (Junior National Light), Mackay’s Marshall Watson (National Heavy), Glen Stallbaum (Clubman Super Heavy), Jarryd Ebzery (Junior National Heavy) and Mitchell Fry (Junior Sportsman).

Above: Jarryd Ebzery leading Cairns female driver Chelsea Holman.
pic: nqsport.net

To view the full results please click here.

Entries for the National Championships have now closed and a final list is currently being compiled following the receipt of the final entries mailed by last Friday. At this stage there are almost 300 entries.


Leopard Light/Heavy
1 20 Cain Fothergill
2 75 Kel Treseder
3 22 Brad Belcher

National Light
1 25 Corey James
2 96 Lydon Dodge
3 4 Matt Taylor

Junior National Light
1 6 Liam Sager
2 5 Brandon Doolan
3 64 Caleb Wilson

National Heavy
1 19 Marshall Watson
2 86 William White
3 8 Robert Thornburn

Clubman Heavy
1 6 Nathan Garioch
2 75 Kel Treseder
3 32 Bevan Garioch

Clubman Super Heavy
1 7 Glen Stallbaum
2 19 Thomas Janusz
3 88 Dale McDonnell

Junior National Heavy
1 16 Jarryd Ebzery
2 12 Chelsea Holman
3 78 Liam Sager

Clubman Light
1 83 Kaydon Iverson
2 23 Justin Garioch
3 6 Nathan Garioch

Junior Sportsman
1 89 Mitchell Fry
2 16 Jarrad Ebzery
3 10 Aidan Wright


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