News From Latest AKA NKC Conference

AKA press release

The National Karting Council (NKC) met for the March conference of the Australian Karting Association (AKA) in Sydney last weekend.

One of the major topics discussed over the weekend focused on moving the Association into a new era and guided by a Board of Directors under a Governance structure.

The NKC voted to accept the move towards the new structure with a final vote to be taken at the June conference following the receipt of the final draft of the new constitution.

In another big step forward into the modern era, the NKC also voted to accept an online training system for officials. This system has been developed specifically for the AKA by Vic and Trish Maastricht, in conjunction with a number of members of the NKC, and will be implemented over the coming months.

The Smartcard licence system has been tested by the State Secretaries over the past few months and the NKC was advised that the online licence application system will be made live on the AKA website,, in the coming weeks.

Over the past few months several key members of the karting industry, in conjunction with AKA officials, had conducted testing for the parity of the engines in the TaG Restricted category.

The results from this testing was presented to the NKC and the decision was made to alter the restrictor for the Leopard and Rotax engines. These restrictors will be introduced effective May 1, 2009 and an addendum will be issued shortly to confirm this change.

For the first time in the history of the AKA the Northern Territory will now be included in the rotation to submit a proposal for the National Championships. A proposal to host the 2012 Nationals is expected to be presented by the Darwin Kart Club to the NKC at the Annual General Meeting of the AKA in August.

AKA President Richard Erdmann indicated that the decision to make the final move towards Governance, the introduction of the Smartcard licensing system and the online officials training system will all assist in taking the AKA into a new era.

“It has been said for a number of years that the Governance structure will take our sport into a new era and it is pleasing to see that the NKC has voted, in principle, to accept the final draft of the constitution which will be presented in June,” said Erdmann.

“Over the past few months the States have been testing the Smartcard licence system and I’m pleased to report that this system will be online in the near future.

“The online officials training is something that will also take the sport into a new era and make it easier and more economical to ensure our officials are always prepared and educated.”

The NKC will meet again in late June, in conjunction with the annual committees conference.

The next major event on the Australian karting calendar is the 47th National Sprint Kart Championships sponsored by Yamaha to be held in Townsville on April 10 -12.