Holman Ready To Take It To The Boys

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Cairns' girl racer Chelsea Holman is a teenager who is out there doing it for herself and ready to take on the best drivers across the country at the 47th National Sprint Kart Championships sponsored by Yamaha in Townsville next week (April 10 – 12).

What started out as dad’s hobby and a young girl’s fascination with motorbikes has evolved over the years into a fully-fledged karting campaign across the country.

With this year’s biggest event is on a track that Chelsea almost calls her home, she is eager to take it to the best in Australia.

“Townsville is a track that I have raced at very regularly, I’d almost call it a home track really. So I’m confident that I will be able to go out there and be among the front runners,” said Holman, who is a year 11 student at Cairns' St Marys.

“The Nationals attracts the best drivers from all across the country to the one place at the same time, it is a great atmosphere and is extremely competitive – which I love.”

Chelsea’s Father Leigh, a former racer in his own right, is her mechanic at the racing events and he believes the sport has provided Chelsea with some great opportunities in life.

“I don’t race at the moment, but in the past I started off in Sprintcars and then dabbled on and off in go-karts,” said Leigh.

“When Chelsea was little she started looking at motorbikes and I thought ‘jeez, I better get her away from that’, and so tried to coax her towards go karts instead.

“One day she came up to me with this brilliant idea, saying ‘Dad? How about instead of a motorbike I get a go kart, and I thought ‘well, that worked out really well didn’t it?’

“From there we have travelled to various parts of the country with our racing and have a had a great time.

“Karting is a fantastic way for them to meet new people and get involved, and I know when they get their licence they are going to be confident and smart, and not be swayed by show-off boyfriends!”

Above: Holman leading Luke Flynn at a recent race meeting in Townsville

Holman is one of only a handful of girls competing at next week’s championships but she prefers to simply be considered just another racer when it comes to on track action.

“I live for racing, it is a great way of meeting new people but on the track we are all equal, it doesn’t matter if you are a boy or a girl we’re all equal out there and want to win,” said Holman.

“Racing a kart gives me a huge adrenaline rush, when you are out there on the circuit it is like nothing else in the world matters – all you want to do is be better than everyone else on the track.”

Holman will be competing in the Junior National Heavy category at the National Championships, the category which she finished second at during the final shakedown event in Townsville two weeks ago.

A total of 298 entries have been received for the Easter event with every state and territory represented. Qualifying will be held on Friday April 10 with qualifying followed by heat races on Saturday April 11 and the Championship Final on April 12.


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