125 Restricted At VACC Park

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The F1s raced the same day we did and 125 Restricted grew again with 13 entries. Results for the final:

1 Ranald Maclurkin, 2 Tony Parker, 3 Michael Dibb, 4 Jim Slatter, 5 Sasha Allen, 6 Garry Day, 7 Darren Day, 8 Travis Schreck

GKCV 2009 125 R Championship (after 2 rounds)
Ran Maclurkin (H) 1876
Kyle Muscat 1709
Trevor Hill 1047
Tony Parker 1011
Leon Deminey 978
Michael Dibb 804
Martin Grace 802
Daniel Phivopoulos 802
Mark Griffiths 801
Ben Hardy 783
Darren Day 694
Kideran Morling 681
Jim Slatter 681
Travis Schreck (H) 673
Sacha Allen 582
Garry Day 539
Eddie Mitchem 476
Simon Mitchalhill 396
Matthew Stone 0

125 todd rd
Above: Maclurkin #5 leading Parker #60, Grace #20 and Muscat #45

Above: Race one was dominated by Martin Grace, with Kyle Muscat 2nd and Tony Parker 3rd. Race two was a case of run and catch, with Ran Maclurkin getting a great start and breaking away, over the next 4 laps Parker, Muscat
and Grace chased Maclurkin down like greyhounds on the rabbit, Grace made a clean move, and Muscat wasn't far behind. Maclurkin and Muscat fought hard with some super close racing. On the last lap Muscat put a wheel in the dirt and that was it. Parker was all over Maclurkin in the last corner, and literally pushed him across the line into 2nd.

Above: The final was cut to 8 laps due to the F1GP start, once again Maclurkin got a great start, with Parker following him through turn one, things got messy mid pack with a few big offs. Muscat and Leon Deminey both broke steering components in separate incidents and hot favourite Grace was also crashed out. Maclurkin and Parker broke away and despite a last lap lunge Maclurkin held on for his first ever win in karting, with Parker a very close 2nd and Michael Dibb in 3rd.

Above: Parker - Maclurkin - Dibb


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