Non-Gearbox Superkart Nationals Cancelled

The Non-Gearbox Superkart Nationals will not be run for 2009. "Many attempts were made to garner the necessary support from potential entrants including by the club executives and members of the prominent NGB clubs in Victoria and South Australia" SKA said in a statement.

The March 28th meeting of SKA has reaffirmed the running of the Australian Superkart Championships in conjunction with the 2009 Shannons Nationals Series. Superkart gearbox classes had responded well to the Series Registration Scheme which SKA has in place to confirm support and underwrite the race events with Shannons.

The Shannons Series Director has been notified of the decision regarding the Non-Gearbox classes and has also expressed regret at the news, coming so late in 2009 event planning.