Teams And Drivers Signing Up For CIK Series

With confirmation that the rejuvenated Australian CIK series will run alongside the four Rotax Pro Tour events comes further news that teams and drivers are starting to sign up - including a former Formula A champion from the heyday of Aussie CIK.

cik 09
Above: A Top Kart chassis with IAME Reedster KF2 engine set up ready to race was on display in Townsville at the AKA Nationals
pic - Ash Budd,

Peter Galvin has been working behind the scenes to get the series up and running for the first round at Newcastle next month. He said both factory teams and privateers are registering for the series. "CRG will have two drivers, Gillard will certainly have one and possibly two factory drivers. Same with Top Kart where Andrew Tomlinson is making a comeback. And then there are some privateers who are putting their own packages together for the series" Galvin informed KartSportNews.

Drivers and teams must register their intent to compete. "They can't race until they are registered" Galvin said. To do this, visit and go to the Pro Tour 2009 page. At the bottom of this, click the Registration button and in the class listing, choose "CIK-KF2".

The AKA is selling the control IAME KF2 motors for $3300. "A karter who has a typical Leopard or Rotax kart should be able to convert it over, including the new KF2 engine, for around $4000" he said. "The engines will need to be run in (by the competitor) and they will have to buy the control airbox as it's not included with the motor (the AKA will be providing these at a discounted price). The radiator is also not included, but there's nothing stopping a Leopard driver from using the radiator they already have on the kart."

"These are the modern generation engines; they dont blow up every five minutes" he continued. "They are harmonic balanced and water cooled. You could run all 4 rounds without having to touch the engine if you wanted too. Reliability shouldn't be an issue."

The series has front brakes listed as an option. As far as Galvin knows, the teams registered so far have indicated they will not be using front brake chassis. "I think it's one of the beat up things. In the wet they are definitely better, but in the dry the difference is negligible. And they can only be an advantage if the driver already has experience with them."

Dates for the series are:

30th - 31st May Newcastle (State Title)
26th - 27th June VACC Park (State Title)
6th - 9th August Raleigh
24th - 25th October Ipswich (State Title)

More details from Peter Galvin - 0433 042 900.