Third NZ Karting Title For Hutton

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Winning the Formula Junior title at the 2009 KartSport New Zealand National Sprint Championships presented by Toyota Racing Series in Hamilton over Easter Weekend makes Arie Hutton the first driver to achieve a National Sprint title in three current junior age group classes, Cadet in 2005, 100cc Junior Restricted Yamaha in 2007 and now Formula Junior. If it hadn’t been for a mistake passing under a yellow flag in the Junior 100cc Yamaha final the total would be four titles. The 14 year old King’s College student was driving his UTi sponsored Tony Kart EVR in both classes. The televised event was held in good conditions and also celebrated 50 years of KartSport in New Zealand. The Formula Junior class had 15 entries and Junior 100cc Yamaha 34.

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Arie’s note book:

arie huttonThursday, Testing
“The weather was variable so we only did one run with the KF3 on the EVR and two with the Yamaha on the TS30. Fortunately we had already scrubbed in tyres and carried out testing in the wet and dry a couple of weeks previous. Hamilton is virtually our home track so we were confident with our set ups.”

Friday, Day Off
“Friday was spent watching racing and checking out the TRS display while Dad and Stuart swapped the KF3 for the Yamaha on the EVR. Double shifting the chassis meant more work for the team but I really like the EVR!”

Saturday, Junior Yamaha
“A good run in Q1 for second place just behind Daniel Kinsman. A few adjustments for Q2 however our #1 engine suffered a big end bearing failure climbing the hill on lap 5 and destroyed itself. Dad was a bit upset as it was his favourite Yamaha. With no improvement in time it meant the unfavoured grid 2 for the heats. The back up engine was very strong however and Dan and I had a good battle in heat 1. I led laps 8 and 9 but was just a fraction back at the finish. With Dan winning heat 1 and having won qualifying there was no sense in fighting in heat 2 so I followed Dan all the way. I tried pretty hard to win in the pre final and get pole for the final however despite leading for four laps during the race, Dan was just ahead over the finish line. Damn, grid 2 on the outside again into turn one for the Final. I dropped back to 5th while Dan led from pole. On lap 2 I set up a pass to 4th on Paul Blomqvist into Club House corner, however I missed the yellow flag. If only I had seen it and waved Paul back by. We had the pace and 18 laps left to catch Dan. The race soon developed into another close one with Dan. I led lap 13 and Hayden Pedersen was right behind waiting to take advantage of any opportunity. Unfortunately for Hayden he had an engine problem with about 5 laps to go so it was just Dan and I battling for the lead which I took at the beginning of lap 18 and held to the chequered flag. However after the race we accepted a DQ for the yellow flag incident and retired to the tent where the Tony Kart Team NZ helped fit the KF3 to the EVR ready for Sunday. Congratulations to Dan for adding the Junior Yamaha title to his 2008 Formula Junior title.”

Sunday, Formula Junior
“The EVR feels even better with the KF3 fitted and we blitzed Q1 by nearly half a second to take pole. The rest of the day was spent focussing on good starts and leading from the front to win all the races. In the final we managed to go quicker than in qualifying with a best lap of 39.399 (lap 12). It was good to see more new KF3’s in the field at this event.

A big thanks to Stuart Park for preparing the engines and working on the chassis and to mum and dad, Gary Wilson, Darren Biggs and all the members of Tony Kart Team NZ for their help and encouragement over the weekend. Also of course thanks to UTi for their ongoing support.”

The Junior 100cc Yamaha final will screen on TV1 Powerbuilt Motorsport on Sunday 19th April at 3pm.
The Formula Junior final will screen later in the year on Sky Sport.

Arie’s next major events are:
Auckland Region Schools Championships          Auckland           19-4-09
Formula S Series Round 1                                 Bay of Plenty    25/26-4-09
Formula S Series Round 2                                 Auckland           23/24-5-09

2009 KartSport New Zealand National Sprint Championships Formula Junior Results

1st        Arie Hutton                    39.442
2nd       Bradley Hicks                39.914
3rd       Daniel Kinsman             39.920

Heat 1
1st         Arie Hutton                    5.58.892            8 laps  
2nd        Daniel Kinsman             +3.886
3rd         Stan Tangaroa Green     +4.472

Heat 2
1st         Arie Hutton                    6.14.258            8 laps
2nd        Daniel Kinsman             +3.576
3rd         Bradley Hicks                +5.357

Intermediate Classification
1st         Arie Hutton                    0 points
2nd        Daniel Kinsman             4
3rd         Bradley Hicks                8

Pre Final
1st         Arie Hutton                    8.47.692            12 laps
2nd        Stan Tangaroa Green     +8.416
3rd         Bradley Hicks                +8.570

1st         Arie Hutton                    Tony Kart/TM/Bridgestone         12.32.893          18 laps
2nd        Stan Tangaroa Green     Arrow/Parilla/Bridgestone           +11.968
3rd         Bradley Hicks                Maranello/Vortex/Bridgestone    +12.127


2009 KartSport New Zealand National Sprint Championships Junior 100cc Yamaha Results

1st        Daniel Kinsman             40.452
2nd       Arie Hutton                    40.572
3rd       Stan Tangaroa Green     40.781

Heat 1
1st         Daniel Kinsman             8.30.787            10 laps
2nd        Arie Hutton                    +0.090
3rd         Hayden Pedersen          +0.969

Heat 2
1st         Daniel Kinsman             7.51.318            10 laps
2nd        Arie Hutton                    +0.195
3rd         Paul Blomqvist              +2.467

Intermediate Classification
1st         Daniel Kinsman             0 points
2nd        Arie Hutton                    4
3rd         Hayden Pedersen          7

Pre Final
1st         Daniel Kinsman             10.50.093          15 laps
2nd        Arie Hutton                    +0.056
3rd         Hayden Pedersen          +4.589

1st         Daniel Kinsman             Arrow/Yamaha/Bridgestone        14.40.464          20 laps            
2nd        Paul Blomqvist              Tony Kart/Yamaha/Bridgestone  +3.585
3rd         Hayden Pedersen          Arrow/Yamaha/Bridgestone        +7.119
DQ       Arie Hutton                    Tony Kart/Yamaha/Bridgestone  14.39.625

Arie’s primary sponsorship partner is UTi, a global company specializing in the provision of world class international forwarding, customs brokerage and logistic services. UTi has offices in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch. Arie is also supported by Spark Services, engine preparation and Scutum paint protection film