Greg Murphy Opens Rotorua Circuit

Greg Murphy was the first person to cut laps around the new Rotorua kart circuit in New Zealand last week. Murph drive a Rotax powered Arrow around the freshly sealed track, kicking up big rooster tails of dust (see clip).

“Technical and demanding with great overtaking opportunities” is how Murph described the track, likening some of the corners to great international circuits on which he has raced. "It's a sensational bit of tarmac and I can see some amazing racing going on here in the future."

The track has been built to CIK-FIA requirements and is 1200m in length. And, luckily for Kiwi karters, it's not flat and boring, with several elevation changes and tricky sections. While the race surface is finished, there are still many safety barriers, fences and buildings to be put in place.

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