401 Drivers For Euro KF2 & KF3 Regional Qualifications

press release

The CIK-FIA has registered no fewer than 401 entries for the CIK-FIA European KF2 and KF3 Championship Qualifications!

The European KF2 and KF3 Championships have always been very popular with Drivers, so in 2001 the CIK-FIA introduced the principle of regional qualifying events. These Qualifications have the distinctive feature of being held on the same weekend, on 30 April-3 May 2009, at three different circuits as Europe has been divided into three regions for the occasion.

Drivers from the so-called “Northern” region will perform on the Horensbergdam circuit of Genk (Belgium). Drivers from the so-called “Western” region will meet in Angerville, 70 km South of Paris (France) and “Central” region Competitors will compete in Sosnova, near Ceska Lipa (Czech Republic).

These qualifying events will serve to designate the 81 Drivers (proportionally to the number of entries in each of the regions) who will compete in the CIK-FIA European Championship Final.

KF2 and KF3 Drivers will be gathered for these regional selections but they will have separate Finals: the European KF2 title will be decided on 2 August 2009 in Essay (Normandy, France), whereas KF3 Juniors will fight it out for their own European title on 12 July 2009 in Zuera, near Zaragossa (Spain).

Further to the selection events, the number of qualified Drivers per category and per region for the CIK-FIA European Championship Finals will be as follows:


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