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New Board & Committee At KIAA

The Kart Industry Association of Australia (KIAA) has elected a new Board and Committee. The key positions are now held as follows:

  • President - Edward Hauswirth (Managing Editor, Kart Magazine)
  • Vice President - Remo Luciani (Managing Director, Remo Racing)
  • Secretary - George Turton (General Manager, DPE)
  • Treasurer - Ian Black (Managing Director, IKD)
  • KIAA Steering Committee - John McCleverty (Zedtec) and Lee Hanatchek (BAM Media)

(We got the above information from the KIAA President's own magazine. At the time of writing, KartSportNews has yet to receive any official communication about these changes.)

The KIAA working group met at the AKA/NKC conference back in March.


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