Gladstone Drivers Do Well In Two Track Challenge

press release

It was a tale of two cities over May Day weekend as over 100 kart racers took part in the Twin Track series on the weekend. The first round was held in Gladstone and the second held in Rockhampton on the following day.

Gladstone was well represented in the event. The juniors performed superbly and the seniors were equally up to the task.

In the TaG 100 class, Gladstone made it a one-two-three finish with Benny Bernadetto coming in ahead of Ken Prichard and Rae Fothergill. In the Rotax Lights it was a one-two effort from Gladstone,
Brendan Beaumont taking out the class ahead of fellow club member Josh Krahenbring. In the Leopard class Roy Johnson was forced to settle for second with Neil Grother closely behind him in third place.

1st - Joseph Black 
2nd - Jye Anderson
3rd - Mitchell Bennett
4th - Brook Owen
5th - Lewis Herwin
6th - Nicholas Butler
7th - Kane Bycroft
8th - Keegan Baker
9th - Joshua King
10th - Aiden Rankin
11th - Joel Curd
12th - Liam King
13th - Joshua Davey
14th - Joel Jamieson

1st - Connor Smith
2nd - Jake Downs
3rd - Joshua Rogers
4th - Rowland Legge
5th - Nathan Derboben
6th - Timmy Coomber
7th - Tyler Anderson
8th - Beau Scott
9th - Mikayla Dawson
10th - Michael Baker
11th - Kieran Davis
12th - Francis Dunnett

Senior Evo Light
1st - Mitchell Else
2nd - Joshua McLean
3rd - Scott Urwin
4th - Jacob Hagedom
5th - Troy Wilkinson

Senior Evo Heavy
1st - Andrew Rankin
2nd - Brook Doherty
3rd - Swaleha Al

Sportsman Over 40
1st - Kenneth Cann
2nd - Norm Trost
3rd - Michael Miller
4th - Steve Muscat
5th - Glen Mason
6th - Peter Buchbach
7th - Clinton Bartley

Restricted 125 Heavy
1st - Ken Thorning
2nd - Dean Davies
3rd - Mark Edwards
4th - Anthony Praibisz
5th - Geoffrey Dein

Restricted 125 Light
1st - Michael Bradley

Tag 100
1st - Benny Benedetto
2nd - Ken Prichard
3rd - Rae Fothergill
4th - Anthony Myers
5th - Laurie Benedetto
6th - David Roberts
7th - Steven Pool
8th - Richard Hynes
9th - George Craigie
10th - Keith Butler
11th - Nathan Coombes
12th - Rick Niven

Sportsman Heavy
1st - Mark Muscat
2nd - Bevan Garioch
3rd - Clinton Hancey
4th - Michael Doherty
5th - Scott Dagan
6th - Matt Hibble
7th - Martin Emerson
8th - Shaun Marnette
9th - Ian Wogandt
10th - Glenn Boulter
11th - Mark Costin
12th - Darren Usher
13th - Damien Roberts
14th - Jarryd Simonka

Junior Evo Light
1st - Kurtis West
2nd - Lachlan Phip
3rd - Clinton Lewis
4th - Curtis Hyne

Junior Evo Heavy
1st - Norton Rogers
2nd - Mathew Coulson
3rd - Jethro Ten Bensel
4th - Andrew Vessy-Brown
5th - Mitchell Fry
6th - Robert Elkin
7th - Nathan Baird
8th - Harleigh Baker
9th - Tom Jensen

Leopard Heavy
1st - Bevan Garioch
2nd - Roy Johnson
3rd - Neil Grother
4th - Elle Brydon
5th - John Rowley
6th - Mathew Dicinoski
7th - Denis Butler
8th - Fred Watson
9th - Simon Thomas
10th - Kirk Porter
11th - Scott Christansen

Sportsman Light
1st - Brock Ten Bensel
2nd - Craig Butler
3rd - Todd Stevens
4th - Donald Abt
5th - Karen Beaumont

Sportsman Super Heavy
1st - Ian Wogandt

Junior Clubman
1st - Mitchell Fry
2nd - Morgon Haber
3rd - Michael Von Rappard
4th - Zakkria Ryan
5th - James Buchbach
6th - Jacob West

Leopard Light
1st - Scott Dagan
2nd - Greg Lewis

Rotax Light
1st - Brendan Beaumont
2nd - Josh Krahenbring
3rd - Trevor Herring
4th - Michael Bradley