Festival State Cup, Round 3

press release

Round 3 of the Yamaha Festival State Cup was held at the Monarto Karting Complex under beautiful clear sunny skies on the weekend. For a change the wind was not present, allowing for a fantastic warm day of racing. Many of the favourites for this years series shone and will more than likely go on to take out there respective classes.

Tyler Morrison had a great day winning Midgets, with fellow team mate Simon Layne taking out Clubman Over 40's. Josh Tynan took out the Leopard Light Class with 4 straight wins, whilst Rowan Booth took the win in Leopard Heavy once some penalties had been handed down by the stewards.

Others to do well on the day included Ian Williams - Rotax Heavy, Chase Wooley - Midgets, Simon Hodge - Junior Clubman, Tyson Pearce - Clubman Light, Brandon Stillwell - Rotax Light, Aiden James - Junior National Light, Guy Walker - Junior National Heavy, Blake Mooney - Clubman Heavy, Anthony Bartel - Clubman Super Heavy, Shaun James - Sportsman SA, Bradley Coleman - 125 Restricted Heavy, Michael Yeo - 125 Restricted Light, Graham Jensen - Senior National Light and Brianna Stillwell - Junior Max.

Congratulations to all and thank you to everyone for helping out on the day.

Senior National Light Rotax Heavy
1st Graham Jensen 1st Ian Williams
2nd Bill Miller
125 Restricted Heavy 3rd Simon Bond
1st Bradley Colemen
2nd Gary Clarke Clubman Over 40
3rd  Jarone James 1st Simon Layne
2nd Craig Denton
Sportsman SA 100cc 3rd Stephen Blee
1st Shaun James
2nd Stephen Bass Leopard Light
3rd Mark Dickson 1st Josh tynan
2nd Jedd Stojakovic
Clubman Heavy 3rd Jesse Batson
1st Blake Mooney
2nd Allan Inwood Midgets
3rd Kevin Ledwidge 1st Chase Wooley
2nd Joshua Denton
Clubman Super Heavy 3rd Dylan Hannam
1st Anthony Bartel
2nd George Georgiou Junior Clubman
3rd 1st Simon Hodge
2nd Todd Hazelwood
Junior National Light 3rd Guy Walker
1st Aiden James
2nd Jake Spokes Junior Max
3rd Jay Walker 1st Brianna Stillwell
Junior National Heavy 3rd
1st Guy Walker
2nd Nikolas Diamond 125 Restricted Light
3rd Arran Stibbs 1st Michael Yeo
2nd Scott Rose
Rotax Light 3rd Lee Stibbs
1st Brandon Stillwell
2nd Craig Lind Rookies
3rd Helen Dennison 1st Tyler Morrison
2nd Anthony Rugolo
Clubman Light 3rd Scott Matheson
1st Tyson Pearce
2nd Shaun James Leopard Heavy
3rd Timothy McNamara 1st Rowan Booth
2nd Blake Mooney
3rd Simon Layne



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